Potential upcoming Wal-Mart exclusive Combat Heroes pack on TaoBao

While the fate of the Combat Heroes line remains firmly up in the air, another item that is potentially in the wings has been uncovered on Asian auction site TaoBao.com.  HissTank.com forum member elkkthunder has stumbled across an apparent Wal-Mart exclusive “COBRA Pack” containing a repainted Destro, Baroness, COBRA Commander, and…  Tomax and Xamot!  A very cool looking set, but with the future of Combat Heroes so murky, who knows what will come of it?

You can find the auction here, and the image is mirrored below.


Some nice Hit and Run images emerge on HissTank.com

HissTank.com forum member Mern-Ra has apparently acquired an early sample of the upcoming Hit and Run figure from the Assault on COBRA Island 7-Pack.  Anyone who has read any of my dio-stories knows that Hit and Run is a central character to my G.I. Joe story, and I’m one of his biggest fans…so I immediately asked Mern-Ra if I could host his images here as well, and he kindly obliged!

The original thread can be found here, the images are mirrored below.

Wal-Mart 2 Pack images at ACToys.net

More upcoming product images have been showcased on ACToys.net.  The Wal-Mart 2 packs feature Gung Ho vs. Copperhead, Shockblast vs.  Night Creeper, and Tunnel Rat vs. Monkeywrench.    I love that Hasbro is using the Night Force color scheme on these…very cool.  I won’t complain a bit about the Resolute themed Gung Ho either…not to mention that cool as hell Night Creeper.  Images are mirrored below!

Thanks to cmderinchief of JoeBattleLines and the Coil Club for the intel.

Canadian Joe Con featured on Space TV

Canadian television station “Space” visited the Canadian JoeCon in Hamilton last weekend, and has put the clip online!  Featuring many “friends of GeneralsJoes” throughout and even interviewing some of them, the feature does a nice overview of the current state of the fandom as the movie release looms three short months away.  Get some great shots of the sales floor, some interesting insight, and hear the weakest “Yo Joe” I’ve ever heard in my life…  :shifty:

Seriously, check out the clip here!

Detailed pictures of upcoming Action Battler Storm Shadow

Fans of the Sigma 6 style of action figures looked upon the Action Battlers with particular scrutiny, hoping that just maybe they might somehow integrate into the Sigma 6 universe.  Alas, that is not the case, but the exaggerated animated style is still somewhat of an appeal.  GeneralsJoes contributor Jeff Bohn got his hands on an early sample of the Action Battler Storm Shadow and shares some nice images with us.

Mysterious test shot appears on TaoBao

Eagle-eyed watchers of TaoBao have picked up on a mysterious new uncolored test shot which bears a striking resemblance to the upcoming Ice-Viper, yet has some differences, including a new head sculpt and vest.  At this point it’s unknown exactly what the origin of this item is or where we might see it, but it’s a pretty cool thing to check out, nonetheless.

Click here to see the auction, the image is mirrored below.


Thanks to HissCommander of the Terror Drome for the information.