Mysterious new helicopter…is it an updated Dragonfly??

Over at as well as via samsallspark at The Terror Drome, images have popped up of a Wild Bill figure we’ve seen before, but this time around, he looks to come complete with a nicely detailed updated Dragonfly helicopter!  There isn’t a whole lot to see at the moment, but what I can see looks pretty bad ass.  Just as I’ve been hypothosizing for a long time, Hasbro seems to be taking queues from recent vehicle design like the RHINO and the 2.5″ Sigma 6 stuff and is working it into some nasty looking Joescale vehicles.  I really like this one a lot.  Image is below.


Review and pics of upcoming Resolute Snake Eyes!

Customizer and seller extraordinaire, Alyosha of Broken Arrow Toys has posted a very nice review of the upcoming Resolute Snake Eyes, with a bunch of nice images in this thread on HissTank.  He has also graciously allowed me to host the images here on GeneralsJoes, so you can see those images below!

This figure looks GREAT.  If he doesn’t end up getting released, it should be a national day of mourning among the G.I. Joe community…

New items posted at Black Sheep Toy Store

Forgive me if this is old news, I’m starting to lose track with all of these upcoming items flying in all directions…  I believe Black Sheep Toy Store on eBay has posted a pair of new items, Resolute Baroness and the upcoming Alley-Viper from the Defense of COBRA Island 7-Pack.  The Buy it Now prices have gone up to $29.99, but the images are still of great quality, so you should definitely check out the store.

The fact that he has more than 10 available for the Resolute Baroness makes me feel a bit better about the possibility of seeing some of these figures down the road, but time will tell.  Check out the images mirrored below.

Thanks to Smokescreen from for the info.

Images of new vehicles (including Wave 5!) on

Continuing the recent trend, has some great images of soon-to-be released items up on their message boards.  This time around are some terrific shots of the upcoming vehicles, including the Arctic HISS, the Stinger, and the FLAK vs. CLAW 2-pack!  Check out the thread here, or see the images mirrored below.

Thanks to cmderinchief of JoeBattleLines and the Coil Club for the info.