Some new images of upcoming product and Combat Heroes from unitedwell923

You can always tell what the potential popularity of an upcoming toyline is by the number of overseas sellers who are offering pre-production product for it.  So far there seems to be a rather large groundswell of G.I. Joe related sellers, and the buyers must be speaking with their wallets, because the stuff keeps on popping up.  Well known seller unitedwell923 has listed a number of new auctions with some pretty neat pictures mixed in amongst them, including Resolute Destro, Wal-Mart Gung Ho and Copperhead, and a mysterious red uniformed Viper.

Also, thanks to some digging around by HissCommander from the Terror Drome, we’ve also got some neat images of Rise of COBRA Combat Heroes figures.  These don’t appear to be listed on eBay yet, but I would imagine that could be coming at any time.

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