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One of the more underwhelming toys coming in the Rise of COBRA line, in my opinion, is the COBRA Gunship.  It looks mostly like a helicopter with no rotors and no real physical way to fly, yet is shown in trailers whipping through the sky.  How exactly does that work?  Well, I suppose it’s no more out of the ordinary than Trubble Bubbles, etc…  but one thing this picture showed me is the size of the Gunship.  I don’t know why, but I didn’t realize it was so large.  That actually impresses me a bit more, though I’m still not wild about the whole look of the vehicle.

Anyway, check out this thread on AC Toys, or check out the trio of images below.

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  1. How could a vehicle of that size stay in the air without any visible signs of propulsion? It can just levitate and fly like that? I always liked the vehicle, but always questioned it’s ability to fly. Guess that would be explained in the movie.I love the size.

    It’s sleek shape makes it look more like a submersible than a flight pod.


  2. I’ll be getting a few of these. The fact that it’s so Dragonhawk-like sells it for me. Love it love it love it!!!

  3. While the whole “helicopter without rotors” look is a bit odd, it does avoid a classic problem of Joe helicopters, in that it has no rotors to break or bend.

    My Tomahawk had all it’s blades broken fairly rapidly from play and haphazard storage as a kid, and so thereafter I basically just ignored their absence. I’m sure that kids nowadays (the target audience of the movie line, I’m sure we all remember) can either imagine the non-existent blades… or buy in to whatever explanation the movie cooks up to justify it.

  4. Cool concept for a vehicle. Not really excited about the pea shooter gun on the front. Also, Destro looks kinda big next to it (like he caught something on his shoe or something :P)

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