G.I. Joe: The Rise of COBRA video game cover revealed

Continuing the onslaught of news tonight, tkprime from HissTank.com discovered an image of the Rise of COBRA video game cover at his local GameStop, and a little investigation revealed that Electronic Arts had revealed the cover image at their site as well.  There appear to be two different covers, one for the Nintendo DS and one other for all other systems.  Check out the pics below.



New images of Arctic HISS at (ironically) HissTank.com

HissTank has received some very high res, nice clean pics of the upcoming Arctic Hiss w/ Hiss Commander action figure.  While I personally don’t have much use for another HISS, I can’t deny that this vehicle (and figure) looks downright bad ass.  A very nice job, even with only some minor tooling additions.  The Stinger’s an absolute must buy, but this one ain’t so bad itself.  Check out the thread here, and I’ve also mirrored the images below.



Some new auctions from Black Sheep Toy Store

Any Joe fans or fans of G.I. Joe: The Rise of COBRA know all about the Black Sheep Toy Store, and he’s now got a few more nice loose auctions posted with very nice pictures of some upcoming items including Covert Operations Scarlett, Desert Ambush Duke, Heavy  Duty, and Technical Surveillance Breaker.

Check out the great images mirrored below, and thanks to Destro of HissTank.com for the intel.

BBTS News: 15% Off Sale – Ends Thursday

Hi – I wanted to drop you a quick email to let you know that we are having
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Every item except ‘New’ and ‘Pre-order / Backorder’ is on sale at 15%
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To take advantage of the sale pricing, just browse through any of your
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Joel & The BBTS Crew

Images of Combat Heroes Wave 3 posted at Toy News International

While it’s not evident whether or not this series of Combat Heroes will ever be released, Toy News International host posted high res images of the third wave of these toys.  Click here to check them out!

Thanks to HissCommander from The Terror Drome for the info!

Defense of COBRA Island Range-Viper pics on ACToys.net

Another day, another round of ACToys images from the upcoming Defense of COBRA Island 7-Pack, this time with the Range-Viper being the focus of attention.  We get some great images of his gear and the figure itself this time around.  Check out the great thread from 堕落了 here, and check out the images mirrored below as well!

Big thanks to WildWeasel of The Terror Drome for the information.

More cool Resolute art from “Snake Bite” on MySpace

Tkprime from HissTank.com has posted some great new digital colors from G.I. Joe: Resolute in this thread here.  The art is apparently from “Snake Bite”, who is on MySpace at this link, and also has his own website as well.  Some very cool stuff!  I’ve mirrored the images below, a big thanks to tkprime for digging up this info.

Nice photos of mysterious upcoming “Desert Duke” figure

Friend of GeneralsJoes, cmderinchief has posted a number of nicely detailed pictures of a potential upcoming Duke figure on JoeBattleLines here.  The figure looks different than the Desert Ambush Duke we’re getting in Wave 1, and we have not yet seen any specific details about when or where this figure might see release.  I have mirrored the images below.