G.I. Joe: The Rise of COBRA E3 Trailer Online

GameTrailers.com has posted a brand new, nearly two-minute long trailer for the upcoming G.I. Joe: The Rise of COBRA video game by Electronic Arts.  Check it out here, or just look at the embedded video below.  Rock on!

Additional information about the MTV exclusive clip

The MTV.com Movies blog now has a post up regarding their exclusive edited clip “Attack on Paris”.  Turns out, a fuller, more in depth exclusive clip will be airing during the “pre-show” for the MTV Movie Awards Sunday at 7:00pm Eastern Time.  The clip will be viewable online after its debut during the pre-show, but that is where it will debut.

This edited version of the clip was simply to give viewers a “taste” of what’s to come with the full one on Sunday.

Joefans tune into MTV Sunday at 7:00pm to get an eyeful of the full clip!  Click here to read the article for yourselves.

Exclusive clip from Rise of COBRA on MTV.com!

MTV.com has scored a big scoop with an exclusive clip for G.I. Joe: The Rise of COBRA entitled “Attack on Paris”.  The original article can be seen here, or check it out embedded below!

Big thanks to WildWeasel from The Terror Drome for the information!

EDIT: More thanks goes to The Terror Drome for a YouTube link for international viewers!

Chris Ryall from IDW talks Helix

A little bit, anyway. Not a whole lot more information revealed, but the IDW Editor in Chief does say that part of the Helix special will be released as a “mini-comic” included with the video game. Check out his blog post here and the cover image (which is awesomeness personified) below:


Shout Factory reveals packaging, pricepoint and other details for complete series set

dvd_thumbTVShowsonDVD reveals additional details on the complete series DVD set for the Sunbow series slated to come out later this year.  While the site to place the order, http://www.gijoecollectorsset.com/ is still listed as “Under Construction”, we know that the complete series set will contain 17 discs and retail for $145.00 (including standard US shipping).

Click here to check out the full article.

Reminder – SDCC COBRA Commander non-attende pre-orders begin today

10:00am Pacific, 1:00pm Eastern!  Even if you can’t make the trip to San Diego, click the banner below to pre-order.

Crimson Cobra Commander 12-inch Figure NON-Attendee Edition

Sideshow Collectibles answers G.I. Joe questions in their Q & A

Sideshow has posted answers to their latest Q & A session, and within that Q & A were a pair of G.I. Joe related questions:

Q:  I was wondering if you will be making a line of Premium Format G.I Joe? …. AND …. How about G.I. Joe Dioramas (not just the environments like Recon at Waypoint 12, but full dios)?

A: We do have some news to share on the subject of expanded GI Joe licensing. Stay tuned to the Sideshow website, especially around the time of San Diego Comic-Con (in late July).

Q: I love your G.I. Joe 12 inch figures. Do you plan on making newer characters like Cobra Red Ninja, Ninja Viper, etc?

A:  Thank you! Our design & development teams are really enjoying the opportunity to work on the Joe line! Our initial focus will be on the more well-known and recognized characters. If the line continues long enough, it’s possible that you’ll see more Cobra troopers & ninjas incorporated into the line, but they’re not yet in any stage of development.

Sounds like we’re going to have a lot to look forward to around San Diego ComicCon time! Click here to check out the full article.