New G.I. Joe Trailer is online!

Coming from what is likely a French source (hence the subtitles), the new G.I. Joe: The Rise of COBRA trailer has landed at!  Check out the embedded goodness below.  WOW!

Is it my G.I. Joe?  Nope.  But it looks like a pretty damn fun summer action flick.  Bring it on.

6 thoughts on “New G.I. Joe Trailer is online!

  1. Okay, it’s not my G.I. Joe either – but it looks like it’s going to kick some serious butt! I am MUCH more excited about the movie now! Looks like it’s going to be a helluva’ lot of fun!

  2. Unfortuanately this just confirmed all my fears. Yeah, it looks okay (even kinda cool at times) in a made-for-the-whole family type of manner like teh Mummy movies are. Fluff-entertainment. Actually out of everything shown, it was the Snake Eyes / Storm Shadow segments that looked really, REALLY bad. Lots of excess sword swinging with lots of sound effects. Absolutely absurd.

    On the plus side, a few of the special effects looked pretty cool….though still on the little kiddie scale. This isn’t anywhere near the special effects of real movies, like next weeks new Star Trek.

    And it sure doesn’t look anything like GIJoe.

  3. yes this is not 80’s Joe but that trailer gave me goosebumps and I’ll be along for the ride.

  4. That actually gave me chills. There may be some stuff in the movie that I don’t like, but it’s still gonna be so damn cool to see G.I. Joe up on the big screen.

  5. Eiffel Tower crumbling.

    Yeah, bet we won’t be seeing that happen to any AMERICAN monuments, now will we?

    Also, Accelerator Suits for the fail. Especially with stupid lines like “it accelerates you.”

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