July IDW Solicitations on Comics Continuum

ComicsContinuum.com has posted the July publishing data for IDW Publications, including a vast number of G.I. Joe themed releases.  Several different movie adaptations, a few “Best Of” trade paperbacks and the beginning of the next G.I. Joe story arc highlight July’s release schedule.

There’s a 4-part Movie Adaptation that is being released weekly throughout the month of July, that has 4 different covers running through the series.  For all of the pertinent details of the July release schedule check out ComicsContinuum!

Thanks to Jeff Bohn as always for the info.

3 thoughts on “July IDW Solicitations on Comics Continuum

  1. How many times do I have to tell you they are solicitations NOT submissions. ;)

    I’ll be skipping the “Best Of” trades in the hopes that IDW follows through with their plan to reprint the whole Marvel run. I don’t see any reason to buy the same issues in multiple trades.

    The movie adaptation’s release timing is a bit curious. Wouldn’t they wait until AFTER the movie’s out before spoiling us all like that?

  2. Why wait? They’d rather it be in stores when people are hungry for the material. If they wait to publish the series and then the TPB after the movie, they’ll miss out on that audience. I wasn’t surprised to see so many TPBs released the month before the movie, get the product out there so they can make some money.

  3. “How many times do I have to tell you they are solicitations NOT submissions. ;)”

    Shaddup! :shifty: It’s fixed, thanks! Maybe next month I’ll get it straight. ;)

    I agree with Jeff. There are fans out there who WANT to be spoiled, I think that’ll drive a lot of sales. If the movie hits and is a bomb, then the movie adaptation will most likely be a bomb as well, but by releasing it ahead of time, they take advantage of the movie press, and get those folks who want the early peek as well.

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