Resolute Concept art posted to

G.I. Joe: Resolute concept artist extraordinaire Dave Johnson has posted ten images of various backdrop concepts that were used in the Resolute animated feature.  Check them out in his DeviantArt page here, and they’re also mirrored below.

Awesome, AWESOME stuff.  I only hope we see some character turnarounds at some point, too!

Final installment of G.I. Joe: Resolute is up on! has posted the final (11th) installment of G.I. Joe: Resolute in great quality!  For folks monkeying with YouTube (or other unsavory places online :shifty: ) trying to figure out the best way to watch this, just go straight to the source.

For people who want to watch the full run, too, click on the first installment and hit that little button below the video that says “Continuous Play” and each episode will play one right after the other.  Check out the video here.

G.I. Joe: Resolute views on surpass 1,000,000

In what was hopefully a very pleasent surprise to Hasbro executives and Adult Swim, the online videos for G.I. Joe: Resolute have surpassed one million viewers.  Honestly I’m not even sure what expectations are or what’s considered “good” but damn if that’s not a lot of folks checking out G.I. Joe: Resolute.

Let’s keep that number jumping!  I know we’ve all seen it by now, but it’s a great feature.  I’m going to keep viewing on a daily basis to drive those numbers up…I wouldn’t be at all surprised if Hasbro and Adult Swim are watching those numbers closely to get a guage of how popular this thing is.  Let’s drive it through the roof.

Click and watch!

July IDW Solicitations on Comics Continuum has posted the July publishing data for IDW Publications, including a vast number of G.I. Joe themed releases.  Several different movie adaptations, a few “Best Of” trade paperbacks and the beginning of the next G.I. Joe story arc highlight July’s release schedule.

There’s a 4-part Movie Adaptation that is being released weekly throughout the month of July, that has 4 different covers running through the series.  For all of the pertinent details of the July release schedule check out ComicsContinuum!

Thanks to Jeff Bohn as always for the info.

Upcoming Wal-Mart Exclusive “off screen battles” 2-Packs revealed

We’ve all seen the Wal-Mart product listing, and we’ve heard the rumors, and even seen the bootleg images, but for the first time, actually pictures of the carded 2-packs coming for Wal-Mart have emerged on

The fans were very concerned about upcoming movie product, as they were worried it would push aside their beloved vintage homages, but it would appear at least some of those fears were unfounded.  Between the upcoming Armored Panther w/ Thunder, the RHINO w/ Rampage, the vehicle packs, and the 7-Packs, it would appear even the most ardant vintage fans will have plenty of product to choose from.  These 2-packs are offering even more nice items with some great looking Night Force homages as well as a Resolute Gung Ho.

Check out the images mirrored below.

Rise of COBRA Duke (Reactive Armor) up for sale on Black Sheep Toy Store

Wow, Black Sheep Toy Store is in the news today!  This time, actually offering something up for auction instead of just being a source for pictures.  The latest loose offering from Black Sheep is the upcoming Duke with Reactive Armor.  Maybe I’m alone in this, but I actually really love this look.  Yeah, I like variety as much as the next guy, but as a fan of Sigma 6, I’ve got an affinity for this funky power suit appearence, and this version of Duke looks pretty damn cool.  They managed to take an all black body suit and still make it visually appealing.  I’m definitely not going to be buying all of the movie stuff, not by a long shot.  But I’ll at least get the familiar cast of characters, and I’m looking forward to stocking my display shelves with these movie figures in their familiar on-screen look.

Check out the auction here, and check the mirrored images below.



New images of Rise of COBRA Destro courtosy of Black Sheep Toy Store

While the auction isn’t online yet, reports that the Black Sheep Toy Store has supplied pictures of what appears to be an upcoming Rise of COBRA Destro figure, based strongly on how the character appears on screen.  Decked out in a nice three-piece suit, and a very Chris Ecclestein like appearence, this is definitely a Destro pulled right from the silver screen.  The rumored report from HissTank is that this is a San Diego ComicCon exclusive, but as always, we need to wait for Hasbro confirmation before saying that for sure.  Images are mirrored below, courtosy of



New Resolute pictures from Black Sheep Toy Store

Everyone keep their eyes on the Black Sheep Toy Store on eBay, as it would appear some more new items may be en route to being listed there. came across some new images (or at least larger and clearer images) of various upcoming figures, which usually means they are about to appear up for auction.  Many of these pictures have been posted before, but these are much larger versions, so I’m repeating some of them, while getting stuff like Destro up for the first time.  Also get some nice pictures of an upcoming Lamprey repaint, that seems almost based on the Python Patrol version from Toys “R” Us back in the day.  A very cool look.

God I love that Destro figure.  If we don’t see that released somewhere, some how, I may just storm Pawtucket with torches and pitchforks.