G.I. Joe: Resolute…the end is nigh.

After what seems like forever, G.I. Joe: Resolute will wrap up its long and rocky road tonight, one way or another.  Airing on Adult Swim tonight at midnight as a full 60 minute feature, AdultSwim.com promises the episodes will be online shortly thereafter.

The final ten minutes aired on Teletoon in Canada last night, and of course, the footage has already made the YouTube rounds.  To avoid spoilers, I’ll embed the video after the break.

Honestly, the finale didn’t rock my world.  I always had a suspicion that the 60 minute time limit and “short burst” episodes might end up hurting the “flow”, and I think I was right.  The final culmination of this story didn’t feel very final, and didn’t have a real “impact”, and I think most of that is due to the limitations of episode length.

Still, I’m thrilled to finally see the series air in its entirety, and best of all, this animated feature has led the way to some fantastic looking toys.  At any rate, watch Adult Swim tonight, check out adultswim.com on Monday, show your support for Resolute!  Do whatever you need to do… write your congressman, harass Hasbro, pester Cartoon Network.  Let them know how much you loved Resolute and how much you demand to see more.  It wouldn’t hurt to watch the footage on Adult Swim.com a few thousand times as well.  ;)

3 thoughts on “G.I. Joe: Resolute…the end is nigh.

  1. I agree that the finale wasn’t all it could of been, but the Cobra command room after Cobra Commander expressed his “displeasure” was worth the wait in itself.

    My support now will be in spending money. Spending money that will go to the Resolute toyline.

    I will not support the movie toys as I refuse to be part of that abomination. And while initially I wasn’t impressed with the Resolute toys…after seeing the awesome cartoon I now find I just gotta have an action figure of everyone who showed up in that show….in the right gear and look. So I’ll be buying the Resolute figures and since most stuff on shelves from now till the end of the year (well, we’ll see) will be ROC crap, a LOT of my money will be going to buy Resolute.

    Yo Joe !

  2. I am deeply annoyed that Ellis didn’t let Cobra Commander win. Not really… I though the micro-series was pretty good. I too will be voting “yes” to resolute. I won’t be boycotting the ROC toys though… I actually like the designs and they fill in the gaps for the old Street Fighter movie. /snark.

  3. Didn’t watch them in clips so I could see the whole thing at once. Like Cobra Commander’s plans, it started with a BANG! but ended with a whimper. The point where I think it really died was when the Joes fled the FLAGG; I was especially dissapointed with the animation of the fleeing aircraft. It looked like that crappy 3D animation that threatened to ruin cartoons at the turn of the century. From that point on, the story was really rushed.

    Loved the beginning, and as overused as Snake Eyes has been over the years, I couldn’t help but admit he was the best part of this cartoon. The Mortal Kombat/Street Fighter superpower thing between Storm Shadow and Snake Eyes was actually kinda cool, but they took too long in the flashback scenes. The voice acting for Storm Shadow wasn’t very strong.

    Cobra Commander’s representation and voice acting was the real surprise delight. Not campy, yet totally recognizable. And visciously violent. I wish the live-action movie had used this approach.

    Duke is definately younger (a bit too young to be believable as the leader of the group), but he’s still Duke…love him or hate him.

    Roadblock & Gung Ho were great.

    I liked Destro’s accent, but he looked like a mutant.

    The fight scenes were great.

    Unfortunately, with the death of 4 characters (3 of them extreemely important Cobra villains), I doubt this movie will become part of GI Joe “cannon”. But I would still love to see it continue, if there is a chance for that.

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