G.I. Joe: Resolute – The full run in one YouTube Playlist

Well, the full run of Webisodes have aired, and they’re all up on YouTube now.  And if you check out my customized playlist below, they’ll play all in order in one shot!  Enjoy!  ;)

Details and high res images from the Resolute finale on HDRoom.com

Just as the 10-part Webisodes wrapped up, HDRoom.com has received some images from the Resolute final set to air on Adult Swim this weekend (Saturday at Midnight to be exact).  Check out the article here, or check out the images mirrored below.  They look great!  Duke is apparently a fast healer.  :shifty:

Nightly News Recap – G.I. Joe: Resolute Episodes 9 and 10 online now!

You all know the routine.  AdultSwim.com has posted the latest two episodes of G.I. Joe: Resolute!  And of course, with Adult Swim comes the normal YouTube greatness:

Nightly News Recap – Onslaught of new eBay auctions reveals some new information

eBay seller unitedwell923 has posted an influx of eBay auctions featuring some upcoming soon-to-be-released product, and there are some real gems in there including the Resolute Roadblock, Rise of COBRA Airborne, and a Lamprey repaint the seller is calling “Charbroil“.  We also get our first peek at the Rise of COBRA Viper Elite.

Click here to check out the auctions, or just look at all the images mirrored below!

Nightly News Recap – New pictures of Rise of COBRA Viper Commando

cmderinchief from JoeBattleLines and the Coil Club has come through with yet another run of pictures from an upcoming Rise of COBRA figure, this time in the form of the Viper Commando.  This figure looks to be based strongly on the other COBRA trooper figures we’ve seen from the Rise of COBRA so far, only with a much cooler backpack and some additional gear.  I love the head sculpt, too…

Check out the image gallery below!

Nightly News Recap – Black Sheep Toy Store has TRU Firefly and Cover Girl

It’s been a bit quiet on the loose figures front for the Black Sheep Toy Store, but he comes through in a big way today with some new auctions up (with some great images) for the Toys “R” Us Headquarters for Heroes Firefly and Rise of COBRA Cover Girl.

Images of these two very nice looking figures have been mirrored below.  That Firefly is the BOMB.  He’ll fit in seamlessly with the Resolute universe, especially with this guy’s armor.

Nightly News Recap – More details about Shout! Factory Season 1 , Volume 1 DVD Set

Thanks to a reminder from Fred over at JoeBattleLines, Shout! Factory has posted some great details about the upcoming Sunbow Season 1, Part 1 DVD box set that’s currently in the pipeline.  This information came through TVShowsonDVD.com as well, and reports the following excellent news:

joe_bex_setShout! Factory has revealed a new “beauty shot” picture of their packaging – including the discs, disc case, outer slipcover and bonus rub-on tatoos – for their upcoming release of G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero – Season 1.1 on DVD. This item will be available at general retail starting July 21st<

Around the same time, Shout! will also be making a <G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero – The Complete Series available in a special “footlocker”-style package, but it will only be available for sale initially at the San Diego Comic Con (July 23-26), and then exclusively online at a secure website (the details of which have yet to be revealed). After an undetermined amount of time, the Complete Series set will then be made available in stores.

In the meantime, the coolness factor of these releases has gone up even further, with word from the DVD producer at Shout!’s message boards that he is painstakingly trying to make every effort to deliver the original broadcast versions of every Sunbow-produced episode, where at all possible. And Shout!’s disc-by-disc “track” listing for the Season 1.1 set has been revealed at their official consumer site, including interesting new details about the bonus material. Here’s that list, followed by the new shot of the package:

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