Nightly News Recap – IDW Comic News from FX

Lots of news came out of the G.I. Joe panel at Orlando’s FX International and Newsarama provides the details.

Some of the key points…

G.I. Joe

  • Dixon has plotted through issue 18.
  • Robert Atkins is on art through issue 6, then SL Gallant (Movie Prequel Destro and Duke) is on art for issues 7 through 12, with Atkins returning for issues 13 through 15.

G.I. Joe Origins

  • Origins is now an ongoing series, with arcs focusing on either a group or a single joe.
  • No mention of the creative team, it is not known if Larry Hama will continue to write the series.

G.I. Joe Cobra

  • Still a four issue limited series
  • But there will be another mini-series with the same creative team.

Other news

  • Larry Hama is going to be drawing an issue (unknown which title).
  • A Baroness one-shot is planned with Ben Templesmith on art and Mark Andreyko writing.

Newsarama also had news earlier in the weekend about Michael Golden and the G.I. Joe Yearbook Redux.

  • Michael Golden and IDW are recoloring and re-editing the story from G.I. Joe Yearbook #2 “Triple Play”.
  • It will contain at least 5 pages of new artwork.

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