Lots of juicy details about upcoming DVD sets straight from the source

CoilClub member Teletran has been keeping close watch on a thread over on the Shout! Factory forums, and Brian Ward, the producer and manager of the DVD production has started an official G.I. Joe thread here.  This is his initial post about the subject:

There isn’t much I can say that’s different here, although I will say that the original masters looked considerably better than those of Transformers. And, unlike Rhino, we will be completing the series. In one fell swoop, in fact. No, I can’t go into even the vaguest of details about when, but I can say “soon.” We’re already working up a press release, so it’s THAT soon.

We will have featurettes, like the ones on Transformers. We will have the designers, the producers, the writers, the voice cast, PSAs, toy commercials and more. As soon as I’m allowed, I’ll go into more detail.

Oh, and to answer the questions about running times and how many episodes, etc… We are not moving into the DiC Entertainment years, only Sunbow. We have a pretty good relationship with the company once known as DiC, but have no real relationship with Cookie Jar, so it’s not really as simple as giving ’em a call. Doesn’t mean it’ll never happen. But it does mean that the DiC incarnation of the series will not be included in our complete series set, nor will we be working on those season sets anytime soon.

In addition, G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero – Season 1.1 will include both original miniseries.

I’m really excited to be putting this set together. As I said in the Transformers thread, these two series WERE my childhood. So to be able to produce these sets is pretty special. And I’m gonna need a LONG vacation afterward…”

It sounds like we’re in for a treat with these DVD sets, and that we may be getting that treat a lot sooner than we anticipated.  Great news, and a big thanks to Teletran for digging this gem up!

Screen grabs posted for the G.I. Joe: Resolute Trailer

Well, I knew the minute I saw the trailer for Resolute that I had to grab some screen shots so I could properly absorb the greatness.  :shifty:

A large gallery is posted below.  Keep in mind that the image quality ain’t great because the trailer was pretty small, but it’s something.  There are some small details I personally missed in the initial viewing (like some ominous blood-covered dogtags…) and some other neat intricacies.  Check it out below!



That is the coolest minute thirty seconds of my life.  Direct link is here.

EDIT: For the International folks who can’t watch the Adult Swim vid, some enterprising soul has already posted this up on YouTube:

God I love the Internet.

JoeCanuck April Newsletter online now!

With the lead up to the 2009 Canadian Joe Con in full swing, the guys at JoeCanuck.com have posted the latest issue of their Collectors’ Newsletter.  You can grab it here.

Measuring in at a whopping 22 pages, it showcases all of the different exclusives available this year at the Canadian JoeCon as well as an awesome preview of a 28-page comic that is slated to be released with the convention sets this year.  This comic also features the Dio-Story I produced for the newsletter a while ago, which excites me to no end…it’ll be very cool seeing that work in actual comic book format.

It has all of the information about the latest convention that you could want (which, of course, is also available online at CanadianJoeCon.com).  Simply put, there’s a bunch to read, and it’s a free download.  How can you beat that?  Anyway, grab the PDF here and enjoy!

Larger and better pictures of mystery figure from TaoBao

Earlier this morning, we posted an image from HissTank that looked to possibly be a COBRA Trooper, but the figure appears to have a Joe logo on his shoulder armor.  The identity of this figure and character is currently a mystery, however it is definitely based on the Resolute Firefly design.

Thanks to cmderinchief from Coil Club and JoeBattleLines, we’ve been able to gather down a pair of much larger, better pictures of this mystery figure, with and without the armor!  Check it out below:



Now compare that to an image of the Resolute Firefly:


There are at least a few distinct similarities there.  The lower “apron” has that same pouch on the belt, and the overall armor looks remarkably similar (although there are pouches rather than a strap).  It’s currently unknown who this character is, if he’s a Joe or a COBRA, but whoever the character is, this figure rocks my world!  It looks AWESOME.  Gotta love the Resolute.

Lots of other tidbits on TaoBao.com

Last night TaoBao.com apparently was inundated with many upcoming auctions for Rise of COBRA action figures, and while I got a post up for the Crimson Twins and Snowcat, a few snuck under the radar.  Well, not any more.  Thanks to a combination of cmderinchief from the Coil Club, HissCommander from the Terror Drome, and the folks at HissTank, I think I’m all caught up this morning.  ;)  Check out the auction links below, and the gallery at the bottom for some interesting images!  Keep in mind, I’m going with auction listings, which (as in the case with “Dial Tone”) may or may not be accurate.

Destro from HissTank also uncovered a potential new COBRA Trooper (though he looks to have a Joe logo on his shoulder) but I haven’t found a link to the actual auction yet.  The image is posted below.

My thoughts?  I’m not buying the “Flint” or “Duke” labels.  Duke’s head looks like the Breaker head from the 25th Anniversary, and nothing like Channing Tatum…  I have no idea who he is, but I don’t think he’s Duke.  Same goes for the auction listed as “Flint”.  That head sculpt looks a lot like Dennis Quaid, and the figure itself looks like the promo pics we’ve seen for Hawk in the film, so I have a suspision that’s a single pack Hawk figure.  I might be wrong.

Considering all this, I’ve also gotta consider the fact that the other auction isn’t Dial Tone as the seller states, but I’m still holding to that.  ;)

Reviews for G.I. Joe: COBRA #2 online across the web

Well, not quite “across the web”, but reviews are starting to eek out for G.I. Joe: COBRA #2 which hit comic shops yesterday.

I haven’t had a chance to pick up my copy yet, but if it’s half as good as issue #1 was, I’ll be jumping for joy.  A great start, that’s for sure.