interviews Channing Tatum

With a new film called Fighting on the horizon, Channing Tatum has been making the interview circuit, and the latest in line is  The discussion is mostly about Fighting, and even about Mr. Tatum’s own production company, but they make some room to talk about the scale of the G.I. Joe film, especially compared to the smaller stuff that Tatum has worked with in the past:

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Official Press Release regarding Shout! Factory DVD Deal with Hasbro

Hasbro PR has sent along an official press release outlining their licensing deal with Shout! Factory.  Click on the full story link below to read the whole thing soup-to-nuts.

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New Rise of COBRA item on Black Sheep Toy Store

Overseas eBay seller the Black Sheep Toy Store has posted another series of mint on card auctions for upcoming Rise of COBRA figures, and included in these auctions are some great, clear pictures of Duke (in Reactive Armor), Storm Shadow (unmasked), Sgt. Stone, and the Toys “R” Us Exclusive Firefly.

Check out his auctions here, or you can check out the images below.

Further confirmation of stateside release for Rise of COBRA action figures?

Amongst the glut of Asian-based auctions for upcoming Rise of COBRA figures, eBay seller 300m3560 out of Tauntaun, MA has posted a number of auctions for MOC figures from the Rise of COBRA, including Storm Shadow, Snake Eyes, Destro, and Neo-Viper.  I inquired as to whether or not these were found in a local store, and the seller confirms that they were, indeed, found at retail.

Check out all of his auctions here.