Shout! Factory DVD cover art and details about complete SERIES SETS!

joeseason1TVShowsonDVD has debuted a possible picture of the cover art for the upcoming Shout! Factory Season 1 part 1 DVD set being released this summer to coincide with the theatrical release of G.I. Joe: The Rise of COBRA.

More important than even that, though, is an article from who spoke with Garson Foos, President of Shout! Factory.  One quote in particular should make folks pretty happy:

“Foos said Shout! Factory would follow the release with special complete-series sets of “The Transformers” and “G.I. Joe” later this summer. In the case of “G.I. Joe,” Rhino lost the rights before completing its release slate, which means many of the episodes will finally be released for the first time.”

So, it sounds like we may not have to hunt down several different half-season sets.  Very cool.

2 thoughts on “Shout! Factory DVD cover art and details about complete SERIES SETS!

  1. Any word on whether the 1st two mini-series will be released in a set of their own like Rhino did or will they be part of the first season?

  2. The First Two Mini Series are out now in the DVD Packs.
    If you didnt buy those you can find them pretty cheap on Ebay.

    I just want the Season 2 Part 2 episodes and the animated GIJoe Movie.

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