Shout! Factory DVD cover art and details about complete SERIES SETS!

joeseason1TVShowsonDVD has debuted a possible picture of the cover art for the upcoming Shout! Factory Season 1 part 1 DVD set being released this summer to coincide with the theatrical release of G.I. Joe: The Rise of COBRA.

More important than even that, though, is an article from who spoke with Garson Foos, President of Shout! Factory.  One quote in particular should make folks pretty happy:

“Foos said Shout! Factory would follow the release with special complete-series sets of “The Transformers” and “G.I. Joe” later this summer. In the case of “G.I. Joe,” Rhino lost the rights before completing its release slate, which means many of the episodes will finally be released for the first time.”

So, it sounds like we may not have to hunt down several different half-season sets.  Very cool.

Quick interview with Channing Tatum about fighting Snake Eyes in The Rise of COBRA

Rich_JJ over at  HissTank came across a short video on IGN with a quick snippet of a conversation with Channing Tatum about his role as Duke and the fight scenes in the upcoming G.I. Joe: The Rise of COBRA.  The person Duke fights against in the scene he mentions may surprise you!  Check it out below:

IDW “First Look” at G.I. Joe: COBRA #2

ComicsContinuum has posted a “First Look” 5-Page preview of the upcoming G.I. Joe: COBRA #2, which hits local comic shops on Wednesday, April 15th.

Written by Christos Gage and Mike Costa, and with art by Antonio Fuso, the book centers on G.I. Joe undercover agent Chuckles attempting to infiltrate the most secretive terrorist sect known to mankind.  Along the way we see some familiar faces and watch Chuckles slow descent into the terrorist underworld.  Check out the 5-page preview here.

In my personal opinion, this is the best G.I. Joe book I’ve read from IDW yet, I’m greatly looking forward to Issue #2 next week!

Thanks to “Lucs” from for the info!

Mystery HISS Tank on

Folks should recall a short while ago that the now infamous chrome plated Storm Shadows were first seen on Asian forum  Well, now we’re seeing a very mysterious new HISS Tank making a similar appearence.

With the prevalence of Hasbro test shots and less official items, one has to wonder what the source of this vehicle is, but wherever it came from, it looks really cool!  Check out the thread on here, and the image is mirrored below!


COBRA Trooper featured on Sideshow “Backstage Pass”

Just last week, Sideshow Collectibles did a great video feature on their upcoming Storm Shadow 12″ figure, and they continue that trend with a look at the upcoming COBRA Trooper in their very well done “Backstage Pass” video segment.

Click here to check out a great look “behind the scenes” at the COBRA Trooper figure soon to come!  If you like what you see, click the banner below to be put on the “wait list”!

Cobra Trooper 12-inch Figure

Updated Resolute air date – April 24th 9:00pm on Cartoon Network!

A random post by Smokescreen (from JBL and prompted me to investigate, and it would appear that G.I. Joe: Resolute may initially air on Cartoon Network Friday, April 24th from 9:00pm – 10:00pm!

A post on JoeBattlelines by Smokescreen reported that his Comcast DVR showed the program available to record Friday, instead of the original Saturday airdate, and a short hop over to confirms that it is listed on Cartoon Network’s schedule for Friday, April 24th from 9-10pm.  Granted, Cartoon Network’s schedule doesn’t go out that far, and we still have no confirmation from Hasbro, so take this with a grain of salt, but upon first glance it certainly looks to me that Resolute will air on Cartoon Network April 24th from 9:00-10:00pm.