12″ Crimson Guard revealed at TaoBao.com

TaoBao seller ilovesw has posted a few new auctions, and among them appears to be an early sample of an upcoming 12″ Crimson Guard.  With the recent shift from vintage homages to move themed product, one has to wonder if this item will ever see release.

The auction can be found here, the image is mirrored below.


Thanks to HissCommander from The Terror Drome for the info.

2 thoughts on “12″ Crimson Guard revealed at TaoBao.com

  1. Wow, that actually looks . . . kind of good! I might pick that one up. Thanks for finding this Justin!

  2. I thought this guy was supposed to be out a while back. Atleast thats what was in the WM system. I hope we see it! I love me some 12″ joes

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