G.I. Joe: Rise of COBRA auctions flood eBay

The floodgates are apparently starting to crack open as many more Rise of COBRA action figure auctions have started hitting eBay.  abee8088 and gotSWtoys are both loaded up with various carded and loose figures from the upcoming Rise of COBRA figure line, including Desert Convoy Duke, Trenchcoat Snake Eyes, TRU exclusive Firefly and Barbecue, Ice-Viper, Deep Six, and many others that we’ve already seen.

Check out both of those links above to see what these guys have for sale, and to see some more pics of these upcoming items!

New Amazon listings for IDW Comic releases

Amazon has posted new listings for a couple of upcoming IDW products, including Marvel reprints Volume 6 and the COBRA Trade Paperback.  There are no covers posted yet, but it’s very interesting to note that  Volume 6 of the Marvel reprints will likely start reprinting comics that have not been collected as of yet into previous Trade Paperbacks, so it’s a great chance to pick up where you left off on the Marvel series.

Big thanks to Jeff Bohn for the info!

BBTS News: GI Joe, DCU 7, Batman, Marvel, TF, Star Wars & More

Hi – Here is a quick update from http://www.bigbadtoystore.com about some
new preorders and a ton of great new arrivals.  We’ve had truck after
truck the last few days so there are a ton of great new items in stock.
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Sideshow Collectibles 12″ Snake Eyes Review Posted

Currently in stock at Brians Toys!


I’ll admit it right up front. I’m not a 12″ afficianado, not by a long shot. I’m a child of the 80’s and my first real introduction to the 12″ scale was with the Hall of Fame figures, which, admittedly is a pretty narrow sampling to pull from. Granted, as Hasbro returned to the 12″ scale with the Real American Hero characters, I double dipped in both scales sporadically, but I’ve still never really explored just what companies do with the 1:6 scale these days. I’ve heard of Dragon, BBI, Hot Toys, and yes, Sideshow, but I’ve never really had a reason to fully explore those options.

Well, now I do. And as an introduction to the 12″ scale, I bit the bullet on the Sideshow Collectibles’ Snake Eyes…and if this is what it’s like in the 12″ world, then man, I’ve been missing a lot. Of course, when my main experience with the 12″ scale involves barely poseable Hall of Fame figures and the questionable Hasbro offerings of the past 6 or 7 years, I guess it’s easy to be impressed.

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5-Minute “sizzle” replayed at ShoWest, with various reactions posted online

This past weekend and throughout this week, famous Hollywood event ShoWest features all of the hot and heavy Hollywood news coming up through 2009.  Apparently, Paramount replayed the five-minute Rise of COBRA “sizzle” that first aired a month or so ago.  There are various reactions around the web, ranging from “impressive” to “cheesy” and everything in between.  Check the following links for just a couple of reactions from this five minute screening:

Keep posted, as I’m sure more reactions will be posted throughout the week.

More new items revealed (Toys “R” Us Barbecue)

Seemingly from the same source as the earlier Black Sheep Toy Store reports (however, they are not yet for sale) cmderinchief from Coil Club and JoeBattleLines has uncovered a bunch of images of upcoming Rise of COBRA product, including a never-before seen carded Barbecue Toys “R” Us exclusive!  These items look to be taken with the same camera as the stuff for sale at Black Sheep Toy Store, so I can only imagine they are destined for the auction block, but have not yet been listed.  Details can be found in this thread, and of course, a gallery will be hosted here below.  Figures shown in carded form are:

  • Cover Girl
  • Deep Six
  • Ice Viper
  • Scarlett (in camouflage)
  • Barbecue (Toys “R” Us Exclusive)
  • Heavy Duty (Reactive Armor)

Check out the gallery below, and checkout the Black Sheep Toy Store early and often!

Unknown product revealed by Black Sheep Toy Shop on eBay

The Black Sheep Toy Shop at eBay (operated by ws_toys) has just revealed a wealth of upcoming Rise of COBRA items with a new allotment of mint on card figures up for sale.  Included in these new items are previously unknown Toys “R” Us Exclusives Firefly.    Click here to go to the shop and check out all of the auctions, and, of course, the images are all mirrored below.  Figures up for sale include: