Ten things I loved about G.I. Joe: Resolute

So I’ve already brought you the Ten Things I Didn’t Like about G.I. Joe: Resolute, so I figured I’d bring the other side of the story.  Let’s face it, we all know Resolute wasn’t the perfect G.I. Joe Nirvana…it had some faults, but taken as a whole, it was still an hour of bad ass G.I. Joe action and the most “cutting edge” the Joe property has been in a long time.  Well, I guess that’s arguable.  Does gunfire and deaths translate to “cutting edge”?  No, not really, but for the first time I sat down and watched a G.I. Joe animated feature without resolving the fact that it was made for kids in the back of my head at least three dozen times.  Most importantly, it was entertaining.  To date, I’ve watched this 60 minute feature twice all the way through, beginning to end, and of course, the third time broken up into chunks during the normal air date.  As I’ve done all this, I’ve contemplated the top ten things I absolutely loved about G.I. Joe: Resolute.  Without further adeu:

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Sideshow reveals SDCC Exclusives

Sideshow Collectibles as posted their latest “Fantacular” and amongst the pages, they have a rundown of their SDCC Exclusives, including one for G.I. Joe.  There isn’t much of a picture (just a headshot) but Sideshow has announced that the 2009 SDCC Exclusive 12″ G.I. Joe figure will be…  a Crimson COBRA Commander.

Now, with it just being a headshot, it’s tough to tell exactly what they’re doing here…he’s got a red hood and silver COBRA logo on it.  Beyond that, it’s anyone’s guess.  Personally, I’m happy.  Less cash I have to find a way to earn between now and July.  ;)

Anyway, click here to check it out!

More G.I. Joe: Resolute concept art goodness from Dave Johnson

The now-immortal Dave Johnson (in G.I. Joe land, anyway, for whatever that’s worth) has posted some updates to his already awesome DeviantArt page with a bunch of new Resolute stuff.  Still no character details (dammit!) but plenty of other coolness like backgrounds, weapon turnarounds, etc…

Check out his DeviantArt page here, and check out the mirrored images below!  Huge thanks to Wild Weasel of The Terror Drome for the information.

New G.I. Joe Trailer is online!

Coming from what is likely a French source (hence the subtitles), the new G.I. Joe: The Rise of COBRA trailer has landed at TrailerAddict.com!  Check out the embedded goodness below.  WOW!

Is it my G.I. Joe?  Nope.  But it looks like a pretty damn fun summer action flick.  Bring it on.

New G.I. Joe-related television program hinted at as Hasbro and Discovery form kid’s network

Reuters is reporting that the Discovery Channel and Hasbro have formed a joint venture to create a new Children’s TV Network and website that will specialize in children’s programming showcasing many of Hasbro’s brands including G.I. Joe.  This specific quote gives a good outline of what to expect:

“Hasbro Inc (HAS.N) and Discovery Communications (DISCA.O) announced a joint venture that includes a television network and website that will carry children’s and family entertainment featuring Hasbro brands like G.I. Joe, My Little Pony and Trivial Pursuit.”

You can also see the full press release here.  A very interesting quote contained within this press release is as follows:

“Both the network and the venture’s online component will feature content from Hasbro’s rich portfolio of entertainment and educational properties built over the past 90 years, including original programming for animation, game shows, and live-action series and specials. New programming will be based on brands such as ROMPER ROOM, TRIVIAL PURSUIT, SCRABBLE, CRANIUM, MY LITTLE PONY, G.I. JOE, GAME OF LIFE, TONKA and TRANSFORMERS, among many others. The TV network and online presence also will include content from Discovery’s extensive library of award-winning children’s educational programming, such as BINDI THE JUNGLE GIRL, ENDURANCE, TUTENSTEIN, HI-5, FLIGHT 29 DOWN and PEEP AND THE BIG WIDE WORLD, as well as programming from third-party producers.”

Hmmm… “New programming”?  Sounds like a new G.I. Joe animated series may be on the horizon.  I wouldn’t necessarily expect Resolute (especially on a kid’s channel) but it’ll be very cool to see what transpires.

Check out the full article here, and thanks to HissCommander from The Terror Drome for the info.  A full copy of the Press Release can be viewed at the “Full Story” link below.  Exciting news!

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5-Page Preview for G.I. Joe: The Rise of COBRA Prequel #3

ComicsContinuum has posted some information and a 5-Page preview for the upcoming third issue of G.I. Joe: The Rise of COBRA Prequel featuring The Baroness.  They also show off the two variant covers.  Check the info out here, or check the mirrored images and info below.

G.I. Joe Movie Prequel #3 will arrive in stores on May 6 from IDW Publishing. The issue is written by Chuck Dixon, with art by SL Gallant and a cover by Joe Corroney.

Here’s how IDW describes the issue:

“‘Baroness.’ Using her feminine wiles and deadly styles, the Baroness plans to steal a centuries-old valuable from a billionaire oil sheik. Wild nightlife mixes with dangerous wild life on the Italian Riviera as Cobra¹s deadliest female attempts the heist of the century in this action-wracked tale that leads right into this summer’s movie.”

G.I. Joe Movie Prequel #3 will be 32 pages and will cost $3.99.

Reminder – Free Comic Book Day this Saturday, May 2nd!

Just a friendly reminder that this Saturday is “Free Comic Book Day” at comic stores across the nation, and IDW is offering a combination Transformers Animated/G.I. Joe book to celebrate the event.  It will include an 11-page story from Transformers Animated, and will also contain TWO different G.I. Joe stories.  From the sounds of it, one is written by Chuck Dixon and the other by Larry Hama.

Click here for all the juicy details, but more importantly, swing by your local comic shop this Saturday and scoop one up.  Can’t beat the price!

More G.I. Joe-related goodies on DeviantArt.com

Jeff Bohn continues to dig up some good stuff on DeviantArt.com…no Resolute stuff this time, but former artist for G.I. Joe: America’s Elite Mike Bear apparently also did some work on package art for Hasbro, too.  Known as bear65 on Deviant Art, he’s posted some package art and other things to his page.  Some of the highlights are shown below.

Special G.I. Joe: Resolute Q & A with the Production team!

The following announcement comes from Hasbro:

“Now that you have had the opportunity to see the entirety of G.I. Joe: Resolute – and have been wowed along with all of us – we now offer you the chance to ask its creators any burning questions about the series. Joaquim Dos Santos (Supervising Director/Art Director), Dan Norton (Lead Art Designer) and Steve Drucker (Executive Producer) will be answering a select set questions chosen from those submitted by fans via the special Q&A submission form found at http://www.hasbro.com/resolute/resolute/en_US/ask.cfm.

Between now and 11:59pm on Sunday, May 3, fans are asked to submit questions to the G.I. Joe: Resolute team. On Thursday, May 7th, a special video will be broadcast on gijoeresolute.com, with Joaquim, Dan and Steve answering some of the more popular and interesting questions submitted by you, the fans.”

So, everyone, get your thinking caps on!  This is a perfect time to send on those burning questions straight to the source.  I know I’ll be working to come up with something…