Single pack “General Hawk” NOT “General Hawk”? – Sgt. Stone revealed!

Ever since ws_toys put up the auction for a supposed single-pack “General Hawk” figure, Joe fans all over the ‘net have been wondering if that’s what or who he really is.  The figure looked very “non-Quaid” like and totally different than the Hawk that was coming with The Pit.   Well, ws_toys has changed up his auction a bit, and now this same figure is being referred to as “Sgt. Stone”.

Who is this “Sgt. Stone”?  Does he have a role in the film, or is he simply a totally new, random character?  Is it supposed to be Flint, or some homage to Lt. Stone?  This perhaps brings up more questions than answers, but regardless, check out the auction right here and judge for yourself.  Images of this mystery character are below.



Stay tuned for more information as it becomes available!

11 thoughts on “Single pack “General Hawk” NOT “General Hawk”? – Sgt. Stone revealed!

  1. Looks like a good Flint to me, but if it’s a homage to Stone, I wish they would have added an eyepatch! Anyway, it’s a fine figure and looks like a good buy one way or the other (new figure or to use as Flint regardless of name). I LOVE that cannon, though! Looks awesome!

  2. Yeah, he’s a winner for Flint if you ask me. But, if it’s a ‘Stone’ or some new random character, I’m down with that, as well. One more groovy new figure, regardless!!

    I do feel better that this is possibly NOT Hawk, though.

  3. Maybe he’s supposed to be Cutter (Skip A. Stone). It’s not body armor, see, it’s a life jacket. A robo life jacket. From the future.

  4. “Looks like a good Flint to me, but if it’s a homage to Stone, I wish they would have added an eyepatch!”

    I was thinking that, too…unless he gets blowed up in the movie.

  5. Looks like Brendan Fraser as Flint. Movie surprise maybe? I know Fraser is in the movie but IMDB doesn’t show who he will be playing.

  6. “A younger Stone ….
    Huhm… whats a higher ranking?
    Sgt then Lt.”

    Yeah, a Lieutenant is an officer while a Sergeant is still an enlisted guy… LT is technically a higher rank.

  7. I’m starting to wonder if Sgt. Stone is the ROC version of Flint, sort of like Sam Witwicky is the Transformers movie version of Spike Witwicky: different name, but essentially the same character. Stone’s name could be a play on Flints as “flint” is a type of stone, not to mention the obvious pop-culture reference to the name “Flintstone”.

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