Rise of COBRA Script Review at Idealogy of Madness – Part 2 posted

Yesterday GeneralsJoes broke the news about a spoiler-filled script review posted over at Idealogy of Madness, and today that same site has posted the second installment.

BEWARE – This script review is chock full of spoiler material, read at your own risk…

5-Page Previews for G.I. Joe #4 and Movie Prequel #2 at Comics Continuum

Comics Continuum has posted 5-page previews of two upcoming G.I. Joe titles from IDW, G.I. Joe #4 as well as the Rise of COBRA prequel #2, featuring Destro!  Check them out here.

Thanks to Shin Densetsu of HissTank.com for the info.

Watermark-free pictures of COBRA Commander filecard and more

Yesterday, eBay seller ws_toys posted auctions for a carded COBRA Commander, Snake Eyes, and Storm Shadow from the upcoming Rise of COBRA action figure line.  Well, he has generously supplied more pictures (watermark free!) and I’ve got a gallery of those images below.

Credit goes to HissCommander of the Terror Drome for the heads up!

Kick ass custom of the week – MASK by iwbeta

JoeCustoms marvel iwbeta makes a return to the “kick ass custom” of the week on GeneralsJoes with a couple of awesome MASK customs!

While much of the Joe fandom freaked out when Matt Trakker was revealed as one of the Anniversary figures, I thought it was an awesome and intriguing concept and loved seeing the two universes merged (as forced as it might have been).  Not only that, but the Trakker figure was actually pretty awesome, to boot.  Well, iwbeta takes it a step further and gives us a fantastic looking Miles Mayhem and Sly Rax from the evil VENOM team.

Check out the thread at JoeCustoms here.  I’ve also mirrored the great pics below:

G.I. Joe Origins #2 reviews from around the web

It’s barely a day after the release of G.I. Joe Origins #2, and there are a couple of sites already posting reviews of this latest issue.

Work has had me crazy busy this past week, I’m hoping there will be a lull soon so I can give COBRA #1 and Origins #2 the proper review treatment.

GDC 2009 offers first look for G.I. Joe video game

We’ve seen GamePro and IGN both post previews of the upcoming Rise of COBRA video game by Electronic Arts, and due to the 2009 Game Developer’s Conference, a few other sites got their hands on an early build and have reported their findings as well.  Although they don’t give us the level of detail (or the new screenshots) that the previous two previews do, there are still some nuggets of information (like Shipwreck being a playable character)!  Anyway, check out the links below to visit some more sites doing coverage of the upcoming game.

I can only imagine that coverage will continue to ramp up leading up to the game’s release July 27th, 2009.  It’s good to see the brand on the tip of everyone’s tongue these days.