G.I. Joe: Origins #2 5-Page preview

ComicContinuum.com has posted a five-page preview to the upcoming second issue of G.I. Joe: Origins, slated to hit stands next Wednesday.  This issue appears to pick up right where issue #1 left off, digging a bit more into Snake Eyes’ past, but also uncovering a bit more about the mysterious Chimera as well.

Check out the preview here.

Latest JoeCanuck Newsletter online now

JoeCanuck.com has posted the most recent version of their online newsletter, which reveals two of the exclusives to the upcoming Canadian Joe Convention!

Click here to check it out, and as always, if you want to read some back issues, check out the JoeCanuck page here as well.

Reviews posted for G.I. Joe #3 and Movie Prequel #1

While I haven’t gotten COBRA #1 quite wrapped up yet, I do have reviews posted for last week’s issues in my Comic Review section.  Check the links below as well:

Rise of COBRA movie banners on eBay now

Possibly from the screening event in Australia, eBay seller eyesonthesky2005 has posted auctions for banners featuring The Rise of COBRA Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow.  The two banners take imagery from the posters we’ve already seen, but instead are printed on oversized banners, perfect for hanging in your “mancave”.

Thanks to HissCommander from The Terror Drome for the information, and check out the two images below.



G.I. Joe Comic Book geared for kids coming from IDW

Along the same lines as IDW’s recently announced “I Am Optimus Prime” book, featuring Robot Heroes versions of all of the familiar Transformers characters, the comic publisher will be releasing “We Are G.I. Joe” a comic geared towards 4-7 year olds with Combat Heroes taking center stage.

Full details of this awesome looking upcoming book can be found at Chris Ryall’s “Ryalltime” blog, and I also slapped up a gallery of some of the images below.  This looks like a whole lot of fun!  My three-year old already runs around the house yelling “COBRA!” so this will be the next obvious step in the evolutionary chain.

Reviews start cropping up for G.I. Joe: COBRA #1

So far the word is good.  Lots of positive remarks about this new limited series.  I’m hoping to get my own words down on virtual “paper” within the next couple of days as well (not to mention catching up on reviews for Prequel #1 and G.I. Joe #3).  Anyway, until I get mine up, check out some others around the web:

Based on what I’d seen in #0, and the limited information that had sorta leaked out there, I had pretty high hopes for this book.  Let’s just say I haven’t been let down…