Wal-Mart computer reveals upcoming G.I. Joe items

Ever since late last year, Wal-Mart computer listings have given us a great rundown of potential product that’s in the pipeline.  Most recently it’s led to heartbreak with the announcements that Waves 14 & 15 as well as the latest comic packs and  vehicles have all been pushed aside, but as it leads into movie stuff, I think we can start to at least somewhat depend on these listings to give us a foundation of what to expect.  Keep in mind, though, as always, these are unconfirmed reports and unconfirmed listings, so take them all with a mammoth sized grain of salt.

Well the “Super Poseable Blog” has reported that Wal-Mart computers have revealed the following information:

GI JOE Single figures $7.88

  • 65356944697 Single pack Charbroil
  • 65356944698 Night Adder
  • 65356944699 Red Fang Ninja
  • 65356944700 Single Pack Kamakura
  • 65356944701 Nano Viper
  • 65356944824 Duke V4
  • 65356944825 Single Pack Desert Viper
  • 65356944826 Single pack Ripcord
  • 65356944827 Storm Shadow

GI JOE Vehicle Assortment $15.97

  • 65356944078 Tiger Claw ATV L
  • 65356944075 PLR SHRC Sub IC
  • 65356944076 Rockslide Desert
  • 65356944077 Lava Pod Volcano

Some very interesting names in there, most notably Charbroil and Kamakura.  I really love the fact that we’re getting some new characters as well…  Red Fang Ninja?  Night Adder?  Looking forward to seeing some more details on those!

2 thoughts on “Wal-Mart computer reveals upcoming G.I. Joe items

  1. I really love this figure assortment. I want to see Kamakura!! I loved his comic form and I hope this figure would resemble his DD representation.

    Lava pod volcano????

  2. Well, once more, I have to be the crabby one and say: “Good God! These figures have gone up another dollar!” I’ve pretty much quit collecting toys because they’re too expensive. I mean, I can get an original TMNT figure on Ebay for less that the Anniversary figures in stores. That’s sick. Oh well, I’ll keep looking and lusting, but not having. This wave does sound good though.

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