The “Dark Side” of G.I. Joe Part 1: The 90’s

Okay, so yeah…  “dark side” may be a bit extreme…  more than a bit, actually.  I was going for the whole “red-headed stepchild” angle, but in these days of Political Correctness, I wanted to avoid offending red heads and stepchildren.  You never can be too careful.  I wasn’t really sure how else to put it when you consider the overwhelming reaction from the fandom over the good and bad of the G.I. Joe mythos specifically over the past twenty-five years.  Without a doubt when you talk to the fans you hear it time, and time again… “I was a big fan until the 90’s“…I was a big fan until “the neon“…until Ninja Force and Star Brigade.  Until the line got “dumb”.  Whether it’s the weapon trees, the bright colors, or the spring-loaded missile launchers, plenty of fans can find reasons to hate the 90’s, and label that particular decade as “deth of teh line”.

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