Mystery Crimson Twin repaint appears on TaoBao

crimson_tomaxPopular Asian auction site has posted an auction and picture for a mysterious themed repaint of the Crimson Twin Tomax action figure.  The figure is painted to resemble the 2002 Convention “Crimson Strike Team“.  Check out the auction here.

Considering Hasbro’s recent stance during the Q & A sessions in regards to vintage-themed repaints, it remains dubious as to whether or not this item will actually be released, or whether it was conceived and didn’t make the “cut” before the movie items start propagating.

Hasbro has indicated that vintage characters may be worked into the movie line in the movie “style” and considering this bears no resemblance to any kind of perceived movie style, I strongly doubt we’ll see this particular version of Tomax released at retail any time soon, though it’s an interesting item, nonetheless.

Thanks as usual to cmdrinchief of the Coil Club for the heads up.

  • Alex

    Interesting. It even has that weird flesh tone the con figures appear to have. I probably wouldn’t buy it if it did make it to the market, so the fact that it most likely won’t is what makes it interesting, though.

  • Anon.E.Moss

    I really like this figure! If they made a 3-pack with the twins and the Baroness (latest version), I would be on it. I like how the figure looks and the silver paint looks very crisp.


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