Mike’s World: Playing Catch-Up

It seems a bit strange, that with the bang-bang nature of G.I. Joe news in recent weeks, to be writing a post about finally picking up DVD pack #3 (that’s the “Arise, Serpentor, Arise” pack containing Dusty and Montezuma’s Skeleton, for all of you who have moved on from such ventures).  Granted, I could have picked this one up sooner, but I was picky about finding one with a fully-accessorized Dusty.

All the same, from a collecting standpoint and as a G.I. Joe fan, I’m pretty wiped out.

While this is only the second G.I. Joe purchase that I’ve made in 2009, I can’t think of a time when I’ve been more preoccupied with the hobby.  Are those new pictures?  Will the movie be any good? Are they ever going to get around to (insert character here)?  How am I going to get the COIL Newsletter together?  Should I put something up on Justin’s site?  What am I doing about getting to Kansas City this summer?  Can I even afford to do this anymore?

That last one’s a big one.  There are days where it looms large.  At the risk of turning maudlin, though, I’m going to steer clear of it for now.  Times are tough all over, and the last thing I want to do is risk turning this entry into four hundred words of “woe is me.”

Regardless, it’s been more about keeping some degree of focus in the last few months.  Even last night, as I stood in a Target in Carmel, Indiana, ready to pick up that “elusive” DVD pack #3, I was wooed by a newer entry on the bottom shelf.  Yes, the new Target-exclusive Tiger Rat and Python Conquest were in, and they were joined in their sirens’ song by the G.I. Joe Conquest that I’ve still neglected to pick up.  I was frozen there for at least ten minutes as I pondered which item I really wanted more, if the extra five dollars for one of the planes was really worth it, if I could somehow stretch that $20 impromptu toy budget to $30 or even $40 and not get kicked out of my apartment, or if I should even be buying toys this week in the first place.  A glance to the pegs saw that I could have bought two comic packs for the same price (like the Iron Grenadier/Viper and Gung-Ho/Fred pack, which are both on my “buy” list), and there was still that pesky Matt Trakker that I’ve been neglecting… ultimately, of course, the first impulse won, but you see my point.  I guess that immovable skeleton really is that exciting.

Is anybody else dealing with “voices” like this?

5 thoughts on “Mike’s World: Playing Catch-Up

  1. Funny you should bring this up.

    I had the exact same crisis when I happened upon the Resolute Comic Packs at Wally-World.

    I could continue saving for the coming onslaught of movie stuff, or I could go ahead and get the Tunnel Rat I’ve waited so long for.

    Long story/short, I now have not only the Tunnel Rat pack, but the Shockblast set too (hey it’s a cool fig.), and the Movie PITT is $27. 64 further away than it was that morning.

    Yes, we all hear voices, and we are their slaves. We are sad, weak men.

    But at least we got cool toys.

  2. I was mixed about those two Target planes.
    I had seen them last weekend and didnt want to drop $50.
    I only got the Tiger Rat…..
    But collecting caught up to me as well as the completist bug and I picked up the PP Conquest today.

    I figured they are the last things at retail Im going to be getting for a while.

    Start saving some money each paycheck NOW, for the Movie Toy onslaught is soon to come…………

  3. I think if it wasn’t for repaints and the same characters over again in different costumes, sub-team colors or paint variations, then I’d be a whole lot more jazzed up about things than I am right now. It’s difficult to become excited about things done over and over again and even harder to justify them to the budget. I had the same internal/external battle as I found the Greatest Battles DVD battlepack. I didn’t want to buy it, but there are just enough pieces in it to win me over. I just feel so dirty for getting it. $25 bucks for another Storm Shadow, Snake Eyes, Duke and Cobra Commander and the only new thing in the set is paint. I am such a whore for this stuff. ;)

  4. I too hear the voices. There’s a lot of aisle lingering over internal debates. Do I really want the Air Command pack just for Skyduster? Should I buy the comic pack Destro with the black head even though I’m out of cash and I don’t need it but it’s RIGHT HERE IN FRONT OF ME WHAT ARE THE ODDS? Etc.

    Those bleedin’ voices.

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