Detailed pictures of Movie Zartan & Shipwreck

Rounding off the tirumvirate of cmderinchief news scoops tonight is a great assortment of loose pictures of the upcoming Zartan and Shipwreck from the first wave of movie figures.  What’s immediately evident from these pictures is the excellent packaged presentation and even with the spring-loaded weapons included, there is a ton of usable gear above and beyond.  Shipwreck is quickly rising on my list of “can’t wait” figures for the upcoming film.

Don’t forget to show appreciation for these pics by paying a visit to!  They get the good stuff…

One thought on “Detailed pictures of Movie Zartan & Shipwreck

  1. Arrow said on ADCtalk that Shipwreck looks a lot like “The Whip” from Big Jim’s P.A.C.K. I think that’s who I might use him as.

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