Sideshow Storm Shadow pre-order now up

In case you missed this post a few days ago, the Sideshow Collectibles Storm Shadow figure is now up for pre-order for Priority Pre-Order members (who are subscribed to Sideshow’s newsletter)!

Get him now: Storm Shadow 12-inch Figure

One thought on “Sideshow Storm Shadow pre-order now up

  1. SOLD OUT!

    The exclusive version went up for pre-order at 1:00pm (10:00am pacific) and sold out in 35 minutes. Awesome!

    I think this bodes well for not only sideshow’s line, but for GI Joe as a whole. In a struggling economy, a $120 GI Joe figure still manages to sell out in 35 minutes. I’m really looking forward to this! Also, Sideshow is getting their orders of Snake Eyes around Monday and should start shipping them out next week!

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