New pictures of Rise of COBRA Storm Shadow

Forum member acmilan8540 of has posted a few new pictures of the upcoming Rise of COBRA Storm Shadow figure from the first wave of G.I. Joe movie-themed figures.  One of my favorite figures that I saw during Toy Fair last weekend, Storm Shadow is really a perfect example of how well Hasbro is able to capture the movie “look” in plastic form.  Whether or not you like the movie designs, this is a nice representation of the way the infamous COBRA assassin looks in the movie.  Pretty nice!  Pictures are below, thanks to WildWeasel of The TerrorDrome for pointing out the information!

  • Pentastar

    That is pretty nice, and also looks like it would make a good basis for customs as well. For some reason the figure reminds me of the Rakkuku police from the game Jet Set Radio Future.

    The weaspon? Well…it looks like a Crystal Ball disk launcher, yuck. I would hope we get a few swords too.

  • DistantFred

    Pentastar: This Storm Shadow comes with two swords, a pistol, and assault rifle AND the huge stupid ninja star cannon.

    The missile launchers are not impeding the inclusion of normal weapons at all, in fact, I think most of the figures are coming with MORE gear than the 25A ones, even without the impractically large projectile launchers.