Wolverine: Origins 3 3/4″ Movie-themed Deadpool?

Hmm…this would appear to be a strange development.  To date the only Deadpool figures anyone has seen has been ones influenced by the comic book look.  I would imagine Fox is trying to keep spoilers to a bare minimum, so they have well-concealed this figure to date.  But a poster from MarvelousNews has revealed that he found a movie-themed Deadpool figure on store shelves that is quite the departure from his comic look.

It’s an interesting appearance.  I actually really like how the figure looks, even though it doesn’t look like any Deadpool I recognize.  I’m not sure I’ll buy him, but it’s a cool figure, nonetheless.  Check out the original thread here.

I’m posting the figures after the “break” so as not to reveal any spoilers for folks who don’t want to know what the movie Deadpool might end up looking like.

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More Resolute 5-Pack goodness

I already covered cmderinchief’s pictures of this cool new set over at JoeBattleLines, but now WildWeasel from The Terror Drome gets in on the action as well, showing a bunch of very cool pictures of the figures in this set.  I started off quite luke warm on this set, but have grown to really like what it brings, and I get more pumped up with every set of pictures I see.  Hopefully I’ll get my own hands on one soon.

Until then, enjoy WildWeasel’s pictures over at The Terror Drome.

A great inside look into the production of IDW Comics

Any fan of the G.I. Joe comics, or even fans of comics in general need to bookmark this link.

It’s a sub-forum on Phil Kost’s site JoeReloaded.com, and it’s called the “Atkins Sketch Blog”.  Essentially it’s a spot for G.I. Joe comic artist Robert Atkins to show and talk about his pencils and the behind-the-scenes stuff that goes into producing the art for the monthly book.  There is some awesome insight, some terrific pencils, and a fantastic peek “inside the head” of the current artist on the monthly G.I. Joe book.  With each issue (and each post in the above forum) I’m becoming a bigger and bigger Robert Atkins fan, so check out that link and keep going back, there’s always something cool in there to see.

Below is a little highlight of the cover art for Issue #4, and it’s only a tiny sample of the great stuff posted on the forums.  Check it out.


BBTS News: Toy Fair Preorders, DC, Diamond, NECA, Sideshow & More!

Hi – Here is a big update from http://www.bigbadtoystore.com with 80+ new
preorders from Toy Fair and a few new arrivals.   There are an impressive
selection of new items listed below – take a look:

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