Toy Fair 2009 – Marvel 3 3/4″ Offerings

It would seem as if Hasbro is really pressing forward with the 3 3/4″ movement, and Marvel is coming along for the ride.  I’ve captured pictures and press images of all Marvel 1:18 figures and gear, and will be hosting them all in various galleries within this post.

Read on…

Marvel Fury Files – Wave 1

Marvel Fury Files – Wave 2

Wolverine: Origins Movie Figures

Wolverine: Origins Classic Figures

Wolverine: Origins Deluxe Figures

Wolverine & The X-Men Animated Figures

Iron Man Animated Figures

Secret Wars 25th Anniversary Comic Packs

Toy Fair Showroom

Some notes of interest regarding these…

  • There are plans for all twelve issues of the Secret Wars mini-series in Comic Pack form
  • No definite plans for full size vehicles for the Marvel 3 3/4″ figures
  • 34 Single Packs for standard Marvel Universe figures w/ Frank Cho art on the package
  • An exclusive file card w/ code in each single pack.  There will be some cool comic book homages and tie-ins within these filecards, and they often tell an interesting story
  • The toys and the comics will blend together like never before
  • Electro will make his debut in Wave 5
  • Nick Fury Mail-Away in conjunction with the Fury Files, he will come with a jetpack and weapon
  • Gigantic Battles will feature Hank Pym Giant-Man and a giant Skrull
  • SDCC Exclusives will include a 70th Anniversary 4-Pack of the Invaders with Human Torch, Captain America, Namor, and the Red Skull; There will also be a Black & White “trapped in ice” Captain America
  • Captain America on Ice. Sounds like a desert or a fancy drink

  • Have I ever mentioned that I hate SDCC exclusives?

    Cause I totally do.

  • Alex

    Electro? That’s awesome! The ML (Spider-Man Classics?) one is difficult to find. Very cool that they’re including him in this size.

  • The pic with the deluxe series Deadpool
    said it came from a toy fair. Was it buyable and where wass it?
    plz no insultz juss 12 yrs old.

  • why does the”wolverine and the xmen” wolverine toy holding his claws?