Toy Fair Coverage – The PIT!

I was with everyone else when I first saw pics of this item…not impressed.

Well, in person, “impressive” doesn’t begin to describe it.  This thing is AMAZING. Absolutely amazing.  Check 0ut the gallery below!  Keep in mind, much better pictures are in the wings later tonight, I’m just throwing up some real quick.

2 thoughts on “Toy Fair Coverage – The PIT!

  1. This is absolutely amazing!!!
    I disliked the Pit when we got that tiny image that revealed it, and immediately jumped to the conclusion this would FAIL big time. Your pics made me change my mind almost instantly.
    I am glad the Ferret is no longer an eyesore in the baby blue…that is a relief.
    I love the figs and now it’s time to look at the rest.
    Thank you!

  2. Thanks for the great pics, but I’m still not feeling the P.I.T.T. There’s a pic of a one-armed Joe with the urban camo, a vest, and a black berret, is that Flint? I’m pretty sure it’s not Hawk because it looks nothing like Dennis Quad.

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