Toy Fair Coverage on its way…

From deep in the heart of the Big Apple, I just vacated the Hasbro tour and am prepping pictures right now to being uploading!  I have well over 300 pictures I’m going through and will be posting them ASAP.

Top on the priority list is the “Attack on COBRA Island” 7-Packs.  I know everyone has seen these at G.I. Joe Club, but I wanted to be sure to get pics as large as possible up so the fans could enjoy them.  Unfortunately the items were not in the showroom, so we only have press pictures, but I have a ton of other pics to share.


4 thoughts on “Toy Fair Coverage on its way…

  1. Awesome stuff Justin,
    Are these guys comming with extra gear and straps, helmets not pictured?

  2. I can’t imagine these would come sans gear or helmets.

    On the other hand, and I try very hard not to be a pessimist or a chicken little, it does give me a little bit of pause; many of these figures are slated to be on single cards (Zap, BAT, Alley Viper), packed with vehicles (Outback, Strato-Viper), or in comic packs (Night Creeper, Lampreys). Their appearance here certainly doesn’t rule out any or all of these products; repaints and repacks are a fact of life.

    But what if it does mean no Wave 9 Comic Packs, no Wave 14 singles, etc? I can’t imagine they’ve completely given up on supporting Resolute or anything, and wasn’t Zap supposed to be in a wave with Resolute figures? Just wondering.

  3. Dr.Mindbender!!Chuckles!! This is what I have been waiting for! I am in love with these figs and Hasbro seems to be doing their homework in keeping with the detail.

    Thank you Gen. Hawk


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