Toy Fair Coverage – Movie Figures

Here’s a quick gallery of movie figures, somewhat unorganized.  I will do something ofb better quality and better organization later tonight.  For now, I’m just tossing these up real quick.

6 thoughts on “Toy Fair Coverage – Movie Figures

  1. Is that Ice Viper as impressive looking in person as I think it is in pictures?

    I was already sold on the movie line when I saw the Neo Viper and the fancy Ripcord. But now with that figure, I can’t see how the toyline can look awful to so many people.

  2. Awesome! I don’t care for the vehicles but most of the figures can work as different characters in my classic collection.
    Thanx for the pics General Hawk! :D

  3. I am in love with the new Scarlet! The one we got a look at in the urban camo was not as impressive as the one in the black suit.

    I am loving this line so far. It’s not classic rendered in a new form ,as the 25th, but it is pretty darn sweet!!


  4. I love the fact that you can store both of the Neo-Viper’s guns on his backpack.

    And I really hope that the Ice Viper’s ski pants don’t render his knees useless.

  5. Justin, THANK YOU for getting down to NYC and being able to share all of this with everyone. Truly an exciting time for GI Joe fans!

  6. Desert Duke, the Ice Viper, Unmasked Storm Shadow are my favorites in this bunch. I like the combat uniforms and duty uniforms of the G.I. Joe team, that’s a great execution.

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