Toy Fair 2009 – Attack on COBRA Island 7-Packs

Now that I’ve had some time to get everything better organized, I’m re-uploading some images and getting things more situated.

First in line is the Attack on COBRA Island7-Packs.  Yes, these figures will come with more gear and straps than what is pictured, these are early press mock ups.

From what we can tell, there will be a Joe set and a COBRA set, designed to combat each other.

19 thoughts on “Toy Fair 2009 – Attack on COBRA Island 7-Packs

  1. Lol, the front page just shows their crotches, again showing what Justin is all about!

    Great pics, thanks for the coverage!

  2. These really look great and I will certainly be buying them; but I am really still wondering…not panicking, not going all chicken little, just wondering…what does this mean for Wave 9 Comic packs, Wave 14, etc etc?

  3. Mindbender!!!!!!!
    I have waited so long for this guy, and he is here. Granted I am not really feeling the bare-chested look and I would love if they gave him the VvV Lab coat, but this Mindbender is better than no Mindbender. :)
    The rest are awesome and will find themselves in my greedy little clutches soon enough.


  4. I think, considering movie stuff is heading our way full steam, that what this means for Wave 14, comic packs, etc… is that I wouldn’t expect to see those in their original configurations. I would figure that Wave 13 may have been the last “true” Anniversary line, and the Comic Packs may have faded as the movie stuff approaches. But rather than just let those figures fade away with them, Hasbro has found a way to release them in some form.

    And Jeff, you can thank the auto-thumbnail system for the crotch shots! ;)

  5. Thanks for the coverage Justin!

    Bravo on these packs Hasbro! Bravo! I can’t wait to see these figures all geared up!

  6. Oh, and another thing: Gearing up for the movie is all fine and good… but it comes out in August and the toys won’t be in stores until like, June, at the earliest.

    That’s a good 4-5 months without new product on the shelves.

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  8. i’ve wanted so many of those cobra figures in anniversary format for so long. i hope alley viper and range viper get a single release, because even though i’ll definitely be getting the 7 pack, i don’t think i can afford to get multiples of it.

  9. Me Likely!!! Mindbender, Range-Vipers, Alley-Vipers, Chuckles, Outback, Hit & Run!!!! Me Likely ALOT!!

    Can’t wait to see everyone with all their gear.

  10. I wouldn’t be at all surprised if Zap ends up with a moustache for the final release…I think he was intended that way, anyway.

  11. Oh Outback, how I love thee and thy ginger nature. Fantastic set of figures. Am surprised at how lovely the Lamprey looks, not that they didn’t look good before, but Hasbro have outdone themselves with the 25th version.

  12. Great, I was looking forward to picking up that Outback. (I wonder if he’s brawling enough, though?)

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