Toy Fair 2009 – Miscellaneous Items

This is a collection of everything else that was in the showroom, from Combat Heroes to Accelerator Suit Duke, and everything in between.

  • Accelerator Suit Duke comes with scores of features and functions like voice, sound, and action effects.

4 thoughts on “Toy Fair 2009 – Miscellaneous Items

  1. Accelerator Suit Duke looks a lot like Robo Cop.
    Does the Storm Shadow in a hiss mean we can expect one in the movie or is it just for the fans?


  2. Any word on Wave 3 of the classic Combat Heroes? Hopefully they’ll be released after the movie….

  3. I think that Storm Shadow/HISS battler was just a nod to the fans, I haven’t heard anything about the HISS specifically being in the movie. I think that the HISS or something closely resembling it is likely to show up in the video game, though.

    Action Battlers are not Sigma 6, no. They’re not 8″ tall and they’re much more restricted in articulation.

    I wouldn’t expect to see much else vintage-themed (other than the upcoming 7-packs) as the transition seems to be heavily favoring movie product. So in my opinion, I wouldn’t hold your breath for the Wave 3 Combat Heroes.


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