Toy Fair 2009 – Movie Single Packs

I know I blasted some pictures up already, but I wanted to divide things up and organize the photos a bit better so folks know exactly what’s coming out when and in which waves.  READ MORE…

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Toy Fair 2009 – Attack on COBRA Island 7-Packs

Now that I’ve had some time to get everything better organized, I’m re-uploading some images and getting things more situated.

First in line is the Attack on COBRA Island7-Packs.  Yes, these figures will come with more gear and straps than what is pictured, these are early press mock ups.

From what we can tell, there will be a Joe set and a COBRA set, designed to combat each other.

Toy Fair Coverage – Movie Figures

Here’s a quick gallery of movie figures, somewhat unorganized.  I will do something ofb better quality and better organization later tonight.  For now, I’m just tossing these up real quick.

Toy Fair Coverage – The PIT!

I was with everyone else when I first saw pics of this item…not impressed.

Well, in person, “impressive” doesn’t begin to describe it.  This thing is AMAZING. Absolutely amazing.  Check 0ut the gallery below!  Keep in mind, much better pictures are in the wings later tonight, I’m just throwing up some real quick.

Toy Fair Coverage on its way…

From deep in the heart of the Big Apple, I just vacated the Hasbro tour and am prepping pictures right now to being uploading!  I have well over 300 pictures I’m going through and will be posting them ASAP.

Top on the priority list is the “Attack on COBRA Island” 7-Packs.  I know everyone has seen these at G.I. Joe Club, but I wanted to be sure to get pics as large as possible up so the fans could enjoy them.  Unfortunately the items were not in the showroom, so we only have press pictures, but I have a ton of other pics to share.