“reviews” the upcoming G.I. Joe video game got a chance to attend an early “first look” at the upcoming G.I. Joe video game being produced by Electronic Arts, and came back with decidedly mixed reviews.  It would appear to be your run-of-the-mill licensed “Game of the Week”, but part of me thinks it’ll still be fun to blast at COBRA agents while controlling the familiar Joe characters.  Not sure if I’ll buy or rent, but still looking forward to how it develops.

Check out the full article here, and huge thanks to ggpike for the info!

Close up pictures of Movie figures!

We’re on the cusp of Toy Fair 2009, and cmdrinchief from CoilClub has come through with some larger and more close up pictures of that wave of packaged movie figures including Breaker, Heavy Duty, Ripcord, Scarlett, Shipwreck, Viper Commando, and Zartan!  Huge thanks as always to Gary!  You can check out the gallery below, or check out the images at their original source, over on!

Also, we’ve got a metric ton of more movie pictures as well, including a bunch of vehicles and a lot of pictures of Shipwreck to boot.  Some great stuff leading up to Toy Fair.

Hasbro Toy Fair Announcement for G.I. Joe

Hasbro’s Corporate website has posted the Official Pre-Toy Fair Press Release for what to expect from the G.I. Joe brand in 2009.

The Release is quoted below, or you can check it at the official site here.  The release also includes a very small picture of the new PIT playset and a 12″ Snake Eyes figure.

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Toy Fair 2009 – T Minus 24 hours…

So at this time tomorrow, I will be at a Hasbro presentation for their 2009 product coming up, and I will be providing as much accurate coverage as humanly possible.  I can’t promise I’ll get everything up first, but I’ll get as much information as I possibly can, the best pictures I possibly can, and provide the insight you’ve come to expect here.

Was that sanctemonious enough?  ;)

Anyway, expect tomorrow afternoon to see a wealth of links for Toy Fair 2009 coverage including pictures of Transformers, the Marvel 3 3/4″ line, and of course, tons of G.I. Joe.  I’ve had this new blog format for a few months now, and it feels like its working pretty well, I hope the readers feel the same.  And if they don’t, I hope they let me know.

Thanks, it’s gonna be a fun weekend!