CoilClub comes up big with more movie images – The Pit!

The gentlemen over at have scored an exclusive once again, this time with a catalog image from the upcoming Rise of COBRA movie line.  A lot of the pictures are stuff we’ve already seen, but the infamous “Pit” is showcased for the first time!

Check out the pictures below, and make sure to check out the originals over at CoilClub.



4 thoughts on “CoilClub comes up big with more movie images – The Pit!

  1. It looks like Motor/Moto-Viper is going to be named Nitro Viper and Strato Viper is going to be Air Viper.

    That suits me well. I know these toys are sculpted to look like the previously used names, but imo this is a good way of holding on to the Air and Nitro names while allowing the figures to possibly be released in classic colors with classic names at another time.

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