So, how about those movie vehicles…

All right…as sad as it may sound, I’ve been reflecting on the movie vehicles, and on the fandom reaction to them, and figured I should toss in a more elaborate two cents than I did earlier this morning when the news broke.

It seems as if the vehicles are taking a page from the figures, with a mixture of existing and new tooling (though a lot more new than reused in this first run), and like the figures, the results are a little bit mixed.

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JoeReloaded 5-Page preview for IDW G.I. Joe #2

Phil from JoeReloaded has posted up a 5-page preview for the second issue of G.I. Joe, hitting Comic Shops tomorrow!

Check it out here.

Honestly, not a whole lot to get excited about.  Mostly tech speak, no-name troops, although the B.E.T. cameo is an interesting touch.  ;)  Hopefully the rest of the issue picks up a bit, but it’s always interesting to see the tech behind the scenes. with HUGE news and movie vehicle pics!

Hidden in a corner of the internet that only a few toy geeks venture to, has come up with a huge scoop!  Blogger “Geekdad” has gotten some official pictures of some new upcoming G.I. Joe: Rise of COBRA vehicles, including the never-before-seen Night Raven w/ Strato-Viper!  Also included are the Ice Dagger / Frostbite, the Rockslide ATAV w/ Snow Job, and the Scarab w/ Moto-Viper.

First of all, a HUGE kudos to for getting the scoop, that’s some great info.  Secondly, take a look at that freaking Night Raven.  WOW.  That thing is pure G. O. L. D.

It takes a lot of design perspective from the original Night Raven, but styled and sculpted a lot more like the more modern day stuff.  Of course it’s smaller than the old school version, but wow, if that’s not one hell of a nice looking plane.  I LOVE it.  And hey, look!  The Scarab has an opening door, and looks to be a lot more realistic size than the pic in Toy Fare.  Another bonus.

Also a nice allotment of other figures as well.  I’m not sure why Strato-Viper isn’t in his more standard colors, but here’s hoping that more of those supposedly “cancelled” 25th Anniversary figures will see release in the movie line.  I think stuff like Thunderblast, Strato-Viper, and Moto-Viper are all really good signs.

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New pics of Movie figures on…!?

Duke, Baroness, and Hawk

Okay, first of all…  WTF? scoops the toy world today with a few pictures of movie figures from the upcoming G.I. Joe: Rise of COBRA film.  Granted, it’s all figures we’ve seen before (Duke, the Baroness, and Hawk) but the pictures are nice and clear, and visible for the first time to folks who haven’t cracked open the latest issue of Toy Fare.

I’m thinking most of us saw these in Toy Fare a couple of weeks ago, though these pics are a bit better and have the full figure shown, rather than just a waist-up look.  Overall, I like ’em.  Yeah, the Baroness still has the manly face, and I’m not sure what the heck is going on with Duke’s pistol (where’s the holster??), but I think they are nice figures, and best of all, not just different shades of black and gray.  I think fans of vintage stuff and new stuff are all in for a few nice surprises during Toy Fair this Saturday, and I’ll be there getting all the pics and info that I can.