Info from IDW’s G.I. Joe & Transformers panel at NYCC

HissTank member Paco was able to attend IDW’s panel today at NYCC and has a pretty thorough report here.

Looks like lots of things are planned…  I’m really looking forward to the “Spotlight” issues (those have been pretty enjoyable on the Tranformers side of things).  It sounds to me like G.I. Joe: COBRA is going to still be the highlight to me…I’m really looking forward to how they do this book.

No Serpentor planned is all gravy.  ;)

First look at Wolverine: Origins Wave 1

As readers of the site no doubt noticed, I’ve become enthralled with the new 1:18 scale Marvel offerings from Hasbro, including the new Wolverine: Origins figures.  The great thing about them is that they take the characters that are appearing in the film, and “Marvelize” them, so they appear in their comic-accurate uniforms, even if they don’t appear that way in the film.  This, we get figures like Deadpool, Sabretooth, and Gambit, who look relatively generic in promotional pictures, but get their comic-accurate uniforms in the single pack figures (or in Sabretooth’s case, an exclusive two-pack).

I haven’t lucked out enough to stumble on any of these as of yet, but long time friend of  GeneralsJoes and JoeBattleLines member “Alexx” comes through with some nice reviews and pictures of three of the figures from Wave 1.  Read on!

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Heaven help me, I’m being dragged in…

I know I’m not alone when I initially considered late 2009 my “off time” from collecting G.I. Joe heavily.  Since 1982 I’ve been a “completist” (yes, even as an 8-year old I had a bizarre compulsion to get every Joe item released in any given year, a goal which I was never able to accomplish until the late 90’s).  The anniversary line actually cured that completist “disease” due to the numerous repaints and re-releases, but I figured my desire for a full run of figures would even further deteriorate as the movie grew closer.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m far from a Real American Hero “purist”…I want to see G.I. Joe grow and evolve, and I think there’s something distressing about how “stuck in the past” some overly-nostaligic collectors can sometimes be.  I am, by no means, married to G.I. Joe being exactly what it was in the 80’s, but I really didn’t see anything from a design perspective that made me think the movie line would be the least bit appealing.  I’m a big Sigma 6 fan, so I really like those “super hero” type uniforms, but honestly a whole run of figures in various shades of black and blue doesn’t appeal much.

But then a funny thing happened…  I actually saw some pictures.  Take, for instance, the movie version of Shipwreck:

movie_shipwreck I’m about as uninsterested in Shipwreck as a character as I could possibly be.  He has really never appealed to me whatsoever.  From his dated “sailor” appearence to his sarcastic “goofball” persona in the Sunbow cartoons, he was just someone that I had no desire or inclination to really work into my G.I. Joe world.  Devils’ Due was able to update his look a bit, but the character was still pulled from the 80’s cartoons, which again, sort of turned me off.

But this is the movie, and thus, pretty much a whole new world.  And even though the Shipwreck character isn’t one of the main cast, he has been rumored as a potential “cameo” and I think this pretty much confirms that.  So what is it about this figure that makes him so cool to me?  Well, they managed to take elements from the classic (the full beard, the parrot, and somewhat cocky facial expression) the Devils’ Due version (his knit cap), and the movie look, and they managed to merge them all perfectly.  He also manages to pretty strongly resemble the Sigma 6 version, which is neat, too– (continued…)

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