Detailed pictures of new Resolute B.A.T. and Greatest Battles COBRA Commander

At first I wasn’t really crazy about the Resolute 5-Pack that was shown a while ago, but it has quickly grown on me…Duke especially.

The 25th Anniversary B.A.T. was about as perfect as you could be, but honestly, I think this new version suits the Resolute “universe” perfectly.  From everything we’ve heard about Resolute, it’s a darker, more serious, more violent rendition of the G.I. Joe world, and these B.A.T.s fit that theme to a “T”.  You don’t really appreciate just how dark and gritty the figures are with the gray and dark red trim, but once you ge these in hand…wow.  Sure, there aren’t a ton of paint apps, but with the shadowed chest plate, the deep red facemask, and the black wash everywhere, you end up with a very dark almost “Shadow B.A.T.” type of android trooper.  I really dig it, even more now that I have it in hand.

The COBRA Commander really captivated it the moment I saw it, too, even if none of the other figures in the 4-pack did anything for me.  I love the COBRA sigil on the hood, I love the pads on the legs, and I just really like the overall look.  A very neat figure.  I didn’t want to pay thirty bones for the 4-pack, but I was able to find the single figure on eBay as many other fans have seen.

Overall, I’m pretty happy with these two.

3 thoughts on “Detailed pictures of new Resolute B.A.T. and Greatest Battles COBRA Commander

  1. The BAT looks awesome as always with this sculpt. This sculpt may even look good with late 80’s neon paint apps (maybe…).
    Not too crazy about the CC. The body, boots and mask are all three different shades of blue. Too inconsistent.

  2. Well that last pic of the comparison of CobraCommander SOLD me on him. Wow, he does look good. But I still hate that blue on the lower legs. I’ll have to fix that.

    As for those BATs, WOW, I love them. They do look great for the RESOLUTE theme. Im regretting not buying them on ebay when they were up. Dang it. I hope they come out as singles or a multipack later on.

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