Hall of Heroes images are all online

I’ve been debating on whether to even pull these images and host them here, since they’re pretty much everywhere, but I figured why the heck not?  And why not add some of my totally unsolicited (and possibly unwanted) .02 while I’m at it?  By now, everyone knows where these images came from, but I’d be remiss if I didn’t at least give some credit to JoeReloaded, the GI Joe Collectors’ Club, JoeBattleLines, YoJoe, and HissTank for bringing these images to the masses.  Awesome work, it’s cool to see the fansites all working in concert with each other.

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Hall of Heroes figures debuting today!

Expect to see most if not all of the 10 “Hall of Heroes” figures being showcased today on various fansites.

JoeReloaded.com has already posted Crimson Guard and Firefly, and I would fully expect to see sites like JBL, YoJoe, and others start showing their own pics as well.  Looks like Hasbro is going for a serious “V.1” theme with these figs…very accurate color schemes and very cool packaging, to boot.