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Buzz about G.I. Joe: The Rise of COBRA has been noticably silent over the past few months, but with the trailer debuting during the Super Bowl and Toy Fair only a couple of weeks away, that promises to change in a big way. gets a jump on that today with 5 new posters featuring the characters from the film:

I’m remaining cautiously optimistic… err…  probably more like cautiously pessimistic about how the film is going to end up, but I’m at least giving it a shot.  I do like these posters, though.  A somewhat dark and gritty theme.  They don’t really “speak” to me, but I think they’re pretty cool looking, at any rate.  Hopefully cool enough to entice audiences into the theaters.  Time will tell.

Make sure to keep your eyes on as well, as I’m sure activity will intensify there after the trailer is revealed.

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  1. Ya know, for those “speed suits” only being in one sequence in the film they sure do seem to be centering their marketing around that look. I know the movie is seven months away but could we at least see some publicity stills of the cast in their more signature looks? (Snake-eyes aside)

    Hopefully whatever they show during the Super Bowl will sway me back towards the positive side of wait-and-see.

  2. I’m still not feeling it.

    Other than Snake-Eyes, Baroness, and to a certain extent, Scarlett, I’m just not seeing them as the characters they’re supposed to be. Tatum doesn’t seem Duke-like at all, ditto “Ripcord”

    And of course we have no sign of Cobra Commander and no evidence that at any time in the film will we see Destro in his trademark silver mask.

    The trailer will be a big part in whether or not I get excited over this.

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