So, why all this attention on Marvel cartoons on a G.I. Joe site?

Well, first of all…because it’s my site, dammit.  :shifty:

In all seriousness… it’s safe to say I’ve been a fan of Marvel cartoons since day 1…actually, Marvel TV shows and movies in general.  Channel 56 out of Boston would show a “Creature Double Feature” on Saturdays every weekend, and I would ALWAYS make sure to tune in, because sometimes, just sometimes, they would show the old school 70’s Amazing Spider-Man TV show.  Yeah, you know the one.

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New G.I. Joe Posters on

Buzz about G.I. Joe: The Rise of COBRA has been noticably silent over the past few months, but with the trailer debuting during the Super Bowl and Toy Fair only a couple of weeks away, that promises to change in a big way. gets a jump on that today with 5 new posters featuring the characters from the film:

I’m remaining cautiously optimistic… err…  probably more like cautiously pessimistic about how the film is going to end up, but I’m at least giving it a shot.  I do like these posters, though.  A somewhat dark and gritty theme.  They don’t really “speak” to me, but I think they’re pretty cool looking, at any rate.  Hopefully cool enough to entice audiences into the theaters.  Time will tell.

Make sure to keep your eyes on as well, as I’m sure activity will intensify there after the trailer is revealed.