Transformers: Animated done after 3 Seasons?

I don’t talk much about Transformers here, what with this being a G.I. Joe page and all (or…well…at least a G.I. Joe and Marvel Animation page recently…  :shifty: ) but I ran across this story on TFW2005 and just felt like I had to comment.

Well, that is, if you can consider “NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!” a comment.

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Product listings from Toys “R” Us Computers for 2009 Releases

Master Chief of the suddenly infamous has provided a great scoop with some computer entries from a TRU computer.  Check out the thread here!

Some highlights involve:

  • 415106 Movie Collection 1 Figures
  • 428674 Movie Collection 2 Figures
  • 429549 Movie 12″ Ninja Figures
  • 428577 Movie 12″ Figures

But there’s a ton of other cool listings at the link above as well!

Short preview of IDW G.I. Joe #2

One of the greatest things about the internet is a much more direct connection to the folks behind the scenes…the “creators” if you will.  Personal blogs for comic book professionals are common these days, including IDW Editor Chris Ryall, and G.I. Joe writer Chuck Dixon’s Dixonverse.

A couple of cool G.I. Joe tidbits on each of these pages…