Close up pics of upcoming MARS Troopers movie figures

I know a lot of folks are on the fence when it comes to the upcoming movie (actually most folks are firmly OVER the fence and already writing it off) but I do think there is some potential for great toys, no matter what the outcome of the film itself is.  The M.A.R.S. Troopers 3-Pack certainly seems to live up to that, in my opinion!  And cmderinchief from The Coil Club comes through in a big way with an AWESOME selection of close up pics of this upcoming set.

Check ‘em out:

9 thoughts on “Close up pics of upcoming MARS Troopers movie figures

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  2. Why do they have to look like The Shredder from the TMNT movie? It would have been better if they had just used some mirror faced motor cycle helmets.

  3. The Cobra Trooper came out nice.
    The IGs look tacky or ‘gaudy’ with the red grenades and face mask. I really like the Trooper’s straps and holster and colors. That guy is a win.

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  5. Its hard for me to tell which is which, but the pics ARE better than the last. If the single guy is the Trooper, then he is pretty damn cool. I looove the webgear..
    The Grey guys are pretty generic lookin. hey dont scream I.G. to me.

  6. I agree with Carlos about the figs. Not a bad sculpt for them, looks like a reuse of the Air Viper mold. I like the weapons for the officer but that big silver gun the troopers have is terrible.

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  8. This is still out of all the figures ive gotten for this line, my favorite. He is just a cool looking soldier and looks meaner with the mini gun i put in his hands.

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