A little bit more about the G.I. Joe Review Podcasts

I know I already promoted the podcast in yesterday’s entry (and even added a nice little sidebar widget to the latest episode!) but I wanted folks to be sure they check out the archives as well.  Since I’ve been remiss in putting notices up on the site here, folks should be well aware of what a quality podcast Chris, Matt, and Chad have been producing for the past number of months.  Here are just a few highlights, for those interested.

Episode 21 – Interview with Robert Atkins, artist of the new IDW series


Episode 18 – Recap of information from San Diego ComicCon 2008


Episode 14 – Interview of Rod Whigham, long time artist of the classic G.I. Joe comics from Marvel


Those are just a few of the many interesting episodes that the guys have posted.  Give them a shot, I think you’ll find them worth your time, especially as IDW keeps rolling with the new comic.

BBTS News: DC Direct, Gundam, Resistance, Hasbro, Predator & More

Hi – Here is a quick update from http://www.bigbadtoystore.com about a
variety of new preorders and more new arrivals.  Our Winter Clearance Sale
is still running – take a look at some of the deals here:

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