Oh. My.

Yeah…  wow.  I’ve read and heard a lot of comparisons between the new G.I. Joe: Rise of COBRA film and some less-than-stellar films of years gone by, most notably the low-budget Street Fighter movie.  And at first, without anything to base any opinions on, it was tough to argue…  yeah, we all knew they were throwing 170 million dollars at it, and we knew there were some notable names attached to the film, but there was simply nothing else to go on.

Until today:

Video courtesy of ENewsi.com

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Mike’s World: A great graphic novel you probably missed.

First, Justin gushes about cartoons, and now I’m sneaking in a comic book plug.  What’s this G.I. Joe blog coming to?

Over the summer, Cellar Door Publishing put out a graphic novel called “Minister Jade,” which is, in the words of its creator, Steve Bialik, “a superhero story set in ancient China.”  Those of you who frequent the forums at JoeSightings may remember me plugging it in my signature there for the better part of 2008.  Hopefully, some of you made your way to the Cellar Door website or your local comic shop and picked up this great book.

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G.I. Joe: Rise of COBRA 15 second spot – GREAT QUALITY!

Came across another version of the 15 second ET spot on FirstShowing.net.

MUCH better quality! Hell yeah!

EDIT: MovieBox.net also has a YouTube video up, however they’ve disabled embedding it.  Check it out on Youtube itself!  Even better quality.

G.I. Joe: The Rise of COBRA 15 Second spot online!

Some enterprising Youtuber has finally posted the video for the 15 second spot from Entertainment Tonight.  The quality isn’t the best, but it certainly looks entertaining!

Looking forward to the real thing on Sunday, and in better quality!

Hall of Heroes images are all online

I’ve been debating on whether to even pull these images and host them here, since they’re pretty much everywhere, but I figured why the heck not?  And why not add some of my totally unsolicited (and possibly unwanted) .02 while I’m at it?  By now, everyone knows where these images came from, but I’d be remiss if I didn’t at least give some credit to JoeReloaded, the GI Joe Collectors’ Club, JoeBattleLines, YoJoe, and HissTank for bringing these images to the masses.  Awesome work, it’s cool to see the fansites all working in concert with each other.

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Hall of Heroes figures debuting today!

Expect to see most if not all of the 10 “Hall of Heroes” figures being showcased today on various fansites.

JoeReloaded.com has already posted Crimson Guard and Firefly, and I would fully expect to see sites like JBL, YoJoe, and others start showing their own pics as well.  Looks like Hasbro is going for a serious “V.1” theme with these figs…very accurate color schemes and very cool packaging, to boot.

Larger, more Hi-Res pics of the UK Movie cards online

Both HissTank and The TerrorDrome have come through with MUCH larger pictures of those UK Toy Fair movie trading cards…  at HissTank you need to be a member to view the pics, so if you’re not, The Terror Drome has you hooked up, too.

All in all, the pics…well…they don’t do a whole lot for me, because a lot of it is stuff we’ve seen before, and the pictures are pretty small.  Some things that I noticed, though:

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UK Toy Fair G.I. Joe Movie Cards REVEALED!

The UK Toy Fair is going on right now, and some lucky folks got a “behind the scenes” look at the upcoming G.I. Joe film.  A thread at HissTank is ongoing right now with discussion about what was revealed.

Along with that discussion, streetfield and cmdrinchief have come through and given us the trading card pictures to display for the world to see!  Check out their coolness below.  Lots of movie images revealed!

Click to enlarge!