Back in the saddle (again?)

I know my updates have been sporadic recently, mostly because of crunch time things at work.  For those of you who don’t know, I’m a network administrator/engineer for a local Home Health Care agency.  Well, we got word in September that we were consolidating offices and moving our entire data center.  That means basically that I was in charge of every step from coordinating 3rd party wiring vendors to contracting a new Internet Service Provider (who also provided connectivity between remote offices).

All of this culminated in the last two weekends as I worked several 18 hour days in order to finalize workstation moves, network configuration, firewall and router changes, and finally moving over all of our 20+ servers last weekend and doing all of the necessary reconfiguration to get things back online.

Whether you understand all that or not, trust me when I say it was an adventure…one I learned a lot from, but one that meant I didn’t have a whole lot of spare time.  I was able to squeeze out the reviews for YoJoe, but that was about all I could muster.  However, as the kinks start getting ironed out, I should have much more normal free time in the coming weeks, and things should get back to “normal” more or less.

Thanks for the patience, everyone!  This is shaping up to be a great year for G.I. Joe, so I’m ready to get back on “the horse”.

3 thoughts on “Back in the saddle (again?)

  1. Personally, I’m amazed anyone with a full time job (let alone an IT ‘regular-hours-rarely-exist’ position)and a young child can maintain any sort of fansite, let along one in a blog / review format like this one. I have both those and barely have time to read the site :).

    No apologies needed. Kudos for all you do.

  2. If there is anything Joe related, I come to this site everyday. It just has everything:
    .Awesome reviews
    .Resolute and movie info
    .Q and A
    .Links to great Joe related sites.

    The site is perfect and Justin (hope it’s okay to call you that), you know how to make em. It was kinda wondering what was happening, then you posted some sensational reviews on the wave 12 & 13 single packs and I knew you were alright.
    Take your time, keep it up and take care.

    P.s. Amazed at your dedication to the “Little Plastic Men” :)

  3. Justin,

    Sounds like the move to Leb was fun! I don’t miss that at all. Good luck trying to find free time, it’s never ending in the IT department for a HCO.

    I am going to talk to you on messenger in the next couple days… Now get back to work..

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